original sin

  1. a sin said to be inherited by all descendants of Adam
    Adam and Eve committed the original sin when they ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden
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How To Use original sin In A Sentence

  • Vanity, pride, pettiness and a desire to impose one's will on others are among the effects of original sin which Augustine discusses at some length and he says explicitly that Adam and Eve held God's original command in contempt because they were "puffed up with pride" ( "elatus superbia"). Sex and Sin
  • To the received doctrine of our natural depravedness and disability to any thing that is good; yea, by evident unstrained consequence, overthrowing that fundamental article of original sin: yea, (5.) The Death of Death in the Death of Christ
  • Over the next few weeks, I will be working to support this idea by examining the Pelagian and Augustinian interpretations of Original Sin, examine their Salvation theologies, examine their metaphysics of God and evil, and finally examine the reasons why the orthodox Church accepted the ideas of St. Augustine. Augustine vs. Pelagius - Part One: Man, the Fall, and Original Sin | Heretical Ideas Magazine
  • Howard by his belief in original sin, guilt and the possibility of awakening man's consciousness of sin.
  • Like a piece of apple, some kid said; the chunk of apple that Adam ate and got original sin.
  • Original Sin" has a wonderful chapter on Robert Owen, the 19th-century English industrialist who migrated to America to found a utopian community called New Harmony. Paradise Lost, Again and Again
  • The apple symbolizes original sin and purity, simultaneously sensuality and innocence.
  • Her "immaculate conception" in the womb of her own mother—i.e. her miraculous preservation from original sin—made her, in a unique way, what we all become at the moment of our baptism: a vessel filled with God's unmerited grace, which in the primary sense is nothing other than his divinizing love. Mary and EENS
  • The reason for him to set up a Christianity divinity mode of tribulation original sin.
  • Haught directly confronts original sin, the presence of evil and suffering in the universe, the kenosis of God, and the difficulty of reconciling the concept of the soul with the findings of genetic science.
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