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[ US /ˌɔɹiɛnˈteɪʃən/ ]
[ UK /ˌɔːɹi‍əntˈe‍ɪʃən/ ]
  1. a person's awareness of self with regard to position and time and place and personal relationships
  2. an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs
  3. position or alignment relative to points of the compass or other specific directions
  4. a predisposition in favor of something
    a predilection for expensive cars
    showed a Marxist orientation
    his sexual preferences
  5. the act of orienting
  6. a course introducing a new situation or environment
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How To Use orientation In A Sentence

  • The relationship between the street and the galleries inside is not as intrusively immediate as is suggested by the open-ended, perpendicular orientation.
  • The tragedy is the orientation will be in the interests of capital rather than working people.
  • Ever since we met at freshman orientation last year, we've bumped heads.
  • A literal translation is given of the Arabic themes to highlight the partial loss of orientation through discontinuity of theme.
  • This all seems to be in response to the subject of human rights and the inclusion of sexual orientation in the bill.
  • Similarly, managers and directors appeared to share an equivalent value orientation to the fans and were more receptive to their opinions.
  • Companies have been forced into a greater orientation to the market.
  • With this odd schedule during orientation at the new job, he won't be spending the days with me that he normally would.
  • Most notably, it acknowledged the lack of consensus on the "immutability" of sexual orientation - that is, on the question whether it has a biological basis or not - but noted that it was, at the very least, "highly resistant to change. FindLaw Writ - Recent Articles
  • These relate to changes in self-concept, life experiences, readiness to learn and orientation to learning.
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