[ US /ˌɔɹɡəˈnɪzmɪk/ ]
  1. of or relating to or belonging to an organism (considered as a whole)
    the organismic theory of the state
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How To Use organismic In A Sentence

  • Constructivism and maturational theory ‘are both examples of organismic theories.’
  • Genetics has been an important tool for studying the molecular basis of cell functions and for establishing correlations between cellular function and organismic function.
  • Meanwhile, evolutionary biology and organismic biology continued to grow in strength and sophistication, and extended their reach on down beyond the organism.
  • Remember how Driesch and his supporters fought for recognition that life transcends physics and chemistry, by arguing that the powers of regeneration in the sea urchin embryo were not explicable by a machinelike structure, and how the controversy has continued, along similar lines, between those who insisted that regulative “equipotential” or “organismic” integration was irreducible to any machinelike mechanism and was therefore irreducible also to the laws of inanimate nature. Polanyi: morphogenetic field
  • It is devoted to what molecular biologists have learned about the details, with all their intricacies and puzzles, of organismic development.
  • But we argue that if self-organization proves to be a common mechanism for the generation of adaptive order from the molecular to the organismic level, then this will greatly undermine the Darwinian claim that natural selection is the major creative agency in evolution. 2008 September - Telic Thoughts
  • Large-scale systematic patterns of variation lie at the heart of organismic biology and have interested biologists ever since the beginning.
  • Reflecting on this, a number of biologists and historians of biology have noted that the idea of the gene as a code or blueprint is a very limited and reductionist construction of organismic life.
  • Further, he is interested only in the effect the groups have on organismic adaptedness and expected reproductive success. Units and Levels of Selection
  • In all likelihood, however, ozone has the capacity to diffuse through the fungal wall into the organismic cytoplasm, thus disrupting cellular organelles.
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