How To Use Optimally In A Sentence

  • Spending time adjusting the combine optimally and maintaining it in top condition pays off quickly.
  • Since we are more effectively utilizing our manpower, we can then optimally man our units.
  • Immediately take the person out of direct sunlight immediately to a cooler, shady spot - optimally an air-conditioned room - and call for medical help.
  • Because they can optimally integrate the entire process--from preadmission preparation to the surgery process to rehabilitation to discharge--value-adding process hospitals can do their work at substantially reduced cost, with much higher levels of quality. Disrupting The Hospital Business Model
  • We are aware of the fact that pedestrian subways and flyovers are not optimally used.
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  • Advanced diesel injection systems optimally atomize fuel, reduce the work and expense necessitated by exhaust gas after treatment and enable higher efficiency.
  • Optimally it should be at least 100 feet from any paved or concreate surface. More on Asphalt « Climate Audit
  • The anatomical position of her spine could not be viewed optimally because of the pronounced lordosis, and this could prolong the procedure.
  • Optimally utilize resources and to ensure clear leader ship in manufacturing technology.
  • That's the position at which the lower back muscles optimally pull the rhomboid muscle, which is connected to the lats.
  • In this process each subcell converts one color of sunlight optimally to electricity. Next Big Future
  • The causal relevance of an agent would be optimally confirmed if it was detected in symptomatic but not in asymptomatic patients.
  • My only concern is that you find the ideal weight/rep combination that allows you to optimally fatigue the target muscle in the shortest time.
  • Namely, two rhodopsins that absorb in different spectral bands and optimally function at different intensity ranges generate two photoreceptor currents that control flagella movement during phototaxis.
  • Correct diagnosis is paramount to ensure that proper treatment is started so that athletes may be optimally rehabilitated and returned to sport in a timely fashion.
  • The present study was planned to find a safe, simple and optimally effective regimen of mifepristone and misoprostol for abortion of pregnancy up to 63 days.
  • I am pretty certain that during his actual practice lifetime Dr. Egnor utilized these studies and never counted on the brains of his patients to be so intelligently designed that they would all be optimally perfectly identical. coturnix Egnorance Overload - The Panda's Thumb
  • The mechanical agent uses artificial intelligence techniques to aim at optimally achieving its goal.
  • Sixty optimally treated patients, with a mean age of 56 years and an average of two months following heart surgery, were randomised to either six weeks of aerobic training three times per week on the cycloergometer or to a non-exercise control group. Science Blog - Science news straight from the source
  • It appears that the practice isn't spending sufficient time in notifying their changes optimally.
  • Moreover, fricatives can be targeted by the glottal feature, but are optimally realised as sonorants in such cases.
  • Jammu: There is a need to optimally channelise the energies of the Kashmir contemplating plan to develop dry, arid regions
  • Optimally use single-drug therapy because polypharmacy impairs drug effectiveness and side effects accumulate.
  • Teachers who don't pull their weight in the system dump their undone work onto teachers who are competent, making it almost impossible for those teachers to be optimally effective.
  • Alternative seriation goals can determine which criteria an analyst chooses to use to optimally seriate targets/responses.
  • The state / firm attempts to use productive resources optimally to maximize the supply of appropriate goods available for consumers.
  • Optimally, the engine is designed to allow the filter to stand upright, so the oil can drain out for easy recycling.
  • The sulker needs to learn not to take the fiery outbursts personally and optimally allow the shouter a few minutes of venting before taking leave of the scene. Pega Ren: What's Your Anger Style?
  • Though speculative, perhaps these heterodimeric motors walk along the seam of the doublet microtubules or interact optimally with the microtubule-associated proteins found on axonemal microtubules.
  • The wall can optimally absorb the echoing sound.
  • When a lens system optimally focuses an incoming ray bundle, the spread of passed wavelengths is in focus at a range of points in front of, on, and behind the sensor focal plane.
  • Because the dissociation is a two-body process, momentum conservation guarantees that the directions of the two atoms after dissociation are strictly correlated, so that when the two analyzer/detector assemblies are optimally placed the entrance of one Bell's Theorem

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