How To Use Oppressiveness In A Sentence

  • One way to mitigate at least the visual oppressiveness of a block-long building is to create a mid-block break, which this project does have, as shown in the photo above. The Joule is a unit of energy, get it? « PubliCola
  • In an article on freewheeling sex on college campuses, Rolling Stone quoted many female students talking about the superficiality and oppressiveness of the scene. World Wide Mind
  • In another hour, the sultry oppressiveness steadily increasing and the stark calm still continuing, the barometer had fallen to 29. 70. A LITTLE ACCOUNTWITH SWITHIN HALL
  • She reveals the oppressiveness of housework evident in the series, an unusual viewpoint at a time when heroines in other books were learning to sew and cook.
  • And perhaps the children of this generation -- or at least many among it -- have been hardened by the general oppressiveness and hostility toward young people in our society that I sometimes think is at least in part an expression of adult envy and resentment, in a culture that worships and even fetishizes youth. Larry Strauss: Students, How About You Appreciate Your Free Education Before You Lose It?
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  • Take steps to liberate yourself from the oppressiveness of keeping up with the Joneses and embrace the joys of a simpler life, a smaller house and the ease of owning and owing less. Unplug and Recharge: 14 Ways to Combat Corporatitis
  • As he points out, studies of the German colonial period often emphasize the actions of state and the oppressiveness of colonial authority.
  • Oliver, a symbol of the oppressiveness and brutality of Victorian child labor is in this adaptation merely a sad-eyed innocent whose innocence grows tiresome.
  • As a fourteen-year-old, she wants to make money for clothes and magazines, to slough off the authority of her mother and Peacie, to figure out the puzzle that is boys, and to escape the oppressiveness she sees everywhere in her small town. We Are All Welcome Here by Elizabeth Berg: Book summary
  • I cannot find another word than "oppressiveness" to describe the sensation wrought upon the audience. Without Dogma
  • Some would argue we had no choice considering the rapacity and oppressiveness of our foe. How the End Begins
  • But in America, he suffered under the oppressiveness of Jim Crow, which forced his oversized personality into a more humble version for his white colleagues.
  • Heavily influenced by French romanticism, Lanusse's poetry in Les Cenelles highlights love, death, and both the pleasures and the general oppressiveness of life.

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