How To Use Oppressively In A Sentence

  • Back in the supermarket, the most oppressively conformist aisle is that in which wine is sold.
  • His speeches conveyed an oppressively apocalyptic vision.
  • A heavy weight of dusty grey cloud lay oppressively inert, vaguely resting on the house and tree tops, and underneath the cloud the air seemed stagnantly confined; in its lowest strata people had been breathing it all day -- all the week, in fact -- in and out of their lungs, so that it was no wonder it felt tired and second-hand and used up. Impressions of a War Correspondent
  • The severe thunderstorms that tore through the Washington metro area on Sunday afternoon were fueled by a combination of historically hot and oppressively humid weather, and ignited by a cold front sliding east-southeastward. An inside view of Sunday's severe weather
  • Around South Armagh, a predominantly republican area, the police state manifested itself most oppressively in Crossmaglen's RUC station and barracks, the infamous 'Borucki Sangar' a sangar is a temporary fortification, which loomed, stark and medieval, in the middle of a row of shops and pubs on the main square, its watchtower all-seeing. Castles of Ulster
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  • The atmosphere at the school was oppressively puritanical.
  • In this dark movie, the sun never shines on French Canada - all the events take place under oppressively leaden skies.
  • Having been on rat packs since arriving, the smell of sizzling sausages had me wishing for a sausage sanger and a cold beer on the oppressively hot and humid Saturday afternoon.
  • We've vowed to help these unfortunate million- and billionaires lose their confusion, pain and gelt… er, guilt, despite their oppressively large bank accounts.
  • Exclamations of joy coalesced into one voice, whose laughter tinkled oppressively through the clear, mountain air.
  • He suffered from an oppressively dominant mother.
  • The officers and gentlemen who are at Cawnpore, and Futtyghur, and Darunghur, and other places, by different means act very tyrannically and oppressively towards the aumils and ryots and inhabitants; and to whomsoever that requires a dustuck they give it, with their own seal affixed, and send for the aumils and punish them. The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. 11 (of 12)
  • Last night's episode hung oppressively in the air between them.
  • The public power belongs to everyone and when majorities hijack it for sectarian purposes they act oppressively.
  • Architecturally it is oppressively dull. Each of the fifty-four towns are built according to an identical plan.
  • He's a Catholic convert, and rather oppressively more papist than the Pope.
  • it was oppressively hot in the office
  • His smoky shots of blasted earth and gnashing machinery, spraying explosions and blackened pits create an oppressively alien landscape hostile to man and woman alike.
  • When Arima, one of the main characters, goes crazy later in the same story, it seems to be tied to an increased fetor: ‘The stench of pus and smell of sweat filled the hut oppressively’.

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