How To Use Opposer In A Sentence

  • It is here explicitly declared that this doctrine, the obedience of slaves to their masters, are the words of our Lord Jesus Christ; and the arguments of its opposers are characterized as doting sillily about questions and strifes of words, and therefore unworthy of reply and refutation. Cotton is King, and Pro-Slavery Arguments Comprising the Writings of Hammond, Harper, Christy, Stringfellow, Hodge, Bledsoe, and Cartrwright on This Important Subject
  • The dissuader and opposer of the agrarian law now began to be popular. The History of Rome, Books 01 to 08
  • Supporters and opposers of a controversial development in Abberton will have to wait another five weeks until the final verdict is revealed.
  • Tenby Town Council is to repeat its objections to the proposal to Pembrokeshire County Council, and opposers are being asked to reinforce their concerns to ensure the authority knows the strength of local feeling.
  • Running one would only be a waste of taxpayers' money, which I'm sure our penny-pinching scheme opposers would find horrific!
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  • Anthony Wedgewood Benn the faux ally of Arthur Scargill, the opposer of the Falklands war the man who's always against any kind of common sense. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • First then, that doctrine that exempts all believers from the obligation of the moral law is directly destructive of all godliness; which doctrine is taught and asserted by the antinomians, who from thence derive that name, as being opposers of the law. Sermons Preached Upon Several Occasions. Vol. V.
  • And even if the opposers only amount to 36% of those polled, that's still more than eight people, Ann.
  • Opposers of the phagocyte theory have long taken the view that the white corpuscles and phagocytes in general are only capable of absorbing microbes that have first been killed by the humours of the organism, namely blood plasma and exudative fluids. Ilya Mechnikov - Nobel Lecture
  • This President, by his spineless behavior, has turned me from a supporter to an opposer of the Democratic Party. Al Franken's senate shut down
  • I found it interesting that your supporter was a college student and the opposer was obviously a olderassuming college graduatedprofessional. LIVE Blog: Chat with us during the show
  • The antitrinitarian opposers of the text will deny that either the Spirit, or the water, or the blood, is Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume VI (Acts to Revelation)
  • When they begin to call darkness light, they will ere long call light darkness; by which means our eyes have seen men of their own accord laying down the weapons wherewith at first they fought against opposers, and taking up them which were used against themselves; as hath happened more than once to penmen, both in our own and our neighbour nation. The Sermons of John Owen
  • First off I am a strong opposer of affirmative action it does not create equality or equal opportunity. Boardroom Betties « Gender Across Borders
  • Filed by a rival organization working the same territory (yes!), it's based on two arguments: "Fraud" on the PTO about how and when the mark was first used and whether the first use claimed is really for the pending DAY mark (indeed there's a lot of back and forth on this topic in the application archive), and "genericness" - i.e., that the "mark" will never acquire distinctiveness and never can and that the opposer will be harmed by the registration by being unable to talk about … that awareness thing. LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®
  • This seems to have resulted in a straight two to one win for the opposers - 15,000 comments agin, 7,500 for.
  • The fact is, that Machiavelli, as is usual with those against whom no crime can be proved, was suspected of and charged with atheism; and the first and last most violent opposers of _The Prince_ were both Jesuits, one of whom persuaded the Inquisition "benchè fosse tardo," to prohibit the treatise, and the other qualified the secretary of the Florentine republic as no better than a fool. The Works of Lord Byron. Vol. 2
  • The 2005 Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature was an equally ardent opposer of the 1991 Gulf War, the 2001 U.S. war in Afghanistan, who predicted the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 who called the American president a "bloodthirsty wild animal" condemning both Bush and Tony Blair as "war criminals. Jayne Lyn Stahl: Pinter
  • Think about it: an African-American and a former civil rights "opposer". Could Webb's Writings On Civil War Hurt Veep Chances?
  • Oh, as opposed to the rolling eyes and looks of disgust during the debates, the many accusations of terrorism and socialism, the silence when the 527's accused Obama of killing babies, being a Muslim, and a staunch opposer of Israel ... yeah, I can see how the righties would be hurt that Obama was supposedly "disrepectful" to McCain. Obama Talking Points: We Don't Pay Attention To Polls
  • Skye was a devout opposer of alcoholic beverages and spent much of her time at the parties lecturing on how they were all breaking the underage drinking law with the keggers that were faithfully donated every night.
  • Satans, though rarely mentioned in the Old Testament are generally portrayed as obedient servants or sons of God who perform specific duties of strategic obstruction The Hebrew root of the word satan is STN, which defines an opposer, adversary, or an accuser, whereas the Greek equivalent was “Diabolos” from which derive the words diabolical and devil., again meaning no more than obstructor or slanderer. Archive 2009-04-01
  • In the past, opposers claimed it was the beginning of a ‘slippery slope’ that would lead to parents selecting children for hair colour or intelligence.
  • As an avid opposer of terrorism, I hope this unrealistic adventure of Prabhakaran, who has been in the forefront of bloodshed in Sri Lanka in the name of creation of independent Elam, will give a lesson to the terrorist organizations world over to give up arms and return to main stream of life. Sri Lankan Army Captures Mullaittivu Town, the Last Citadel of LTTE
  • Although I was a 2000-McCain supporter and an ardent 2008-McCain opposer, I am very glad to see him make this response instead of the previous "why are you trying to call me old? McCain defends his 'bearings'
  • Of course the state where their representative is the long opposer to a bill acknowledging that slaves built Capitol would love to have her. Iowa GOP to Palin: Come to Des Moines
  • Briars thrown in his Way, and with Intrepidity if need requires, even imbrue his Hands in his opposers Blood, and make a Dagger with Blindfolded Eyes, force John Adams diary 13, 1 March - 31 December 1766, March 1767
  • Parson, laying his pipe on his hand, “fourteenthly, it is calumniously asserted by the opposers of divine truth that on this hypothesis God made men to damn them; but we say Margaret
  • There were no opposers and no counter proposals.

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