[ UK /ɒfˈɪdi‍ən/ ]
  1. limbless scaly elongate reptile; some are venomous
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How To Use ophidian In A Sentence

  • She crossed over to the steel sinks of the lab module, carefully holding the ophidian probe away from her. Forever Free
  • Moreover, they provide a first insight into the composition of the earliest ophidian venoms and point the way toward a research program that could elucidate the functional context of the evolution of the snake venom proteome.
  • A glance over his The Conquering Sword of Conan shoulder just as the door was closing showed Conan the long dim vista of the hall, and dimly framed at the other end an ophidian shape that writhed slowly and painfully into view, flowing in a dull-hued length from a chamber door, its hideous blood-stained head wagging drunkenly. The Conquering Sword Of Conan
  • But if the sun grew more and more hot and dazzling as the day progressed, then the tremendous ophidian head would become increasingly real to my sight, with glistening scales and symmetrical markings; and I would walk carefully not to stumble against or touch it; and when I cast my eyes behind me I could see no end to its great coils extending across the savannah. Green Mansions
  • I knew of the Snake Dances in farthest Estwilde, where the mongoose is brought in to the last movement of the dance, where with nothing but quickness and brains and sharp teeth it goes up against the deadly ophidian to the music of pipe and drums. Virginity
  • His style, which Aiken described as "like a jungle of rank creepers and ferocious blooms taking shape before one's eyes-magnificently and endlessly intervolved, glistening and ophidianly in motion, coil sliding over coil, and leaf and flower forever magically interchanging," was viewed by a majority with less favor. The Private World of William Faulkner
  • Some aspects of the ophidian anatomy can be explained by an aquatic mode of life of their putative ancestor, but others are more easily explained by a terrestrial ancestry of snakes.
  • There are 37 species (3 crocodilians, 8 chelonians, 14 lacertilians and 12 ophidians) distributed in 30 genera recorded so far.
  • She aimed at the ophidian head of the serpent and was on the point of striking, when she started with surprise and lowered her hand. Warlock
  • If the less perfect ophidians, or snakes, which now abound on the earth had taken the lead in those ancient days among the land reptiles, and the Deinosaurians had been contemporary with Man, there can be no doubt that the progressionist would have seized upon this fact with unfeigned satisfaction as confirmatory of his views. The Antiquity of Man
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