1. (philosophy) the doctrine that the meaning of a proposition consists of the operations involved in proving or applying it
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How To Use operationalism In A Sentence

  • From the methodological lesson he took from Einstein to the insights gained in his own high-pressure physics, an important focus of Bridgman's operationalism was on regulating the extension of concepts to uncharted domains. Operationalism
  • Increasing the latter, or at least maintaining it, was something that Bridgman sought to achieve with his operationalism. Operationalism
  • In more general terms, operationalism can be seen as a strategy for increasing the empirical content of scientific theories. Operationalism
  • A large number of people said that the real was the measurable, which could be a sign of realism, operationalism, or hermeneutical realism.
  • Such operationalism would not destroy systematic unity; on the contrary, it is an optimal strategy for achieving as much systematic unity as nature would allow, in a strongly empiricist system of knowledge. Operationalism
  • Third, Carnap realizes that the principle of operationalism is too restrictive.
  • As Donald Gillies (1972, 6 “ 7) emphasizes, if we accept the most extreme kind of operationalism, there is no point in asking whether a measurement method is valid; if the measurement method defines the concept and there is nothing more to the meaning of the concept, the measurement method is automatically valid, as a matter of convention or even tautology. Operationalism
  • You can find Paul Samuelson talking about Mach and "operationalism" and econometrics and all sorts of philosophy of science whooee -- the picture of "real" science that Samuelson had in his head. In Defense of Macroeconomists, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Behaviorist psychologists took up operationalism (or operationism, as it was more often called in psychology) as a weapon in their fight against more traditional psychologists, especially those who prized introspection as the most important source of psychological knowledge. Operationalism
  • According to operationalism, STR changes the meanings of the concepts of space and time from the classical conception.
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