How To Use Operating table In A Sentence

  • The remainder of the crew of 125 were quartered in the main surgery, a larger room, where there had been four operating tables and a cast room in our "palmy" days. Sasaki
  • Then they covered the burning, smoking gauze with absorbent cotton, then with clean, neat bandages, after which they called the stretcher bearers, and Rochard was carried from the operating table back to the ward. The Backwash of War The Human Wreckage of the Battlefield as Witnessed by an American Hospital Nurse
  • Dozens of patients had their operations postponed because of the unreliable operating tables.
  • There are a number of dramatic scenes on operating tables in Cutting for Stone: the twins 'births, Thomas Stone amputating his own finger, Ghosh untwisting Colonel Mebratu's volvulus, the liver transplant, etc. Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese: Questions
  • They hoisted the patient onto the operating table
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  • She died on the operating table.
  • A soft whir of white noise issued from a receiver and speakers near the operating table.
  • Doctors say he came within a whisker of dying on the operating table.
  • Surgical resection proved impossible after he had a cardiac arrest on the operating table.
  • Jitter severe operating table, the doctor performed the command Ying calm: " to continue the operation.
  • I went with him to his clinic and there found on the operating table a lady whom they had tried, unsuccessfully, to deliver with forceps without anaesthesia.
  • We are not shying from the responsibility but to put a three-year-old on the operating table when he's smiley and happy is not an option.
  • Surgical resection proved impossible after he had a cardiac arrest on the operating table.
  • The patient died on the operating table.
  • Mike Robins lay awake on the operating table as a surgeon drilled into his skull.
  • The seats are steeply raked and we look down at the operating table, a slab of wood like a butcher's block.
  • The donation of medical equipment included items such as sterilisation trays, bedpans, operating tables, hospital beds and bedside lockers. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • I crashed on the operating table three times, but out of the grace of God, and my will to live, I fought through it.
  • Surgeons would operate the system from a remote video console which is linked to robotic instruments positioned above the operating table.
  • The patient died on the operating table.
  • On the operating table, there are more distinct differences - male facelifts can't ignore the beard, so the aim is for a more rugged, rather than completely unlined, result.
  • A half-silvered mirror over the operating table delivered excellent illumination for the surgeons and detailed pictures for the hundreds watching. Times, Sunday Times

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