How To Use Opah In A Sentence

  • For shopaholics, it was a Thanksgiving weekend to remember.
  • Kit Rossoneri untuk versi Piala Eropah perbezaan dari kit untuk liga Serie-A adalah pada kolar baju. AC Milan 1993/1994 Champions League kit
  • Publishers and novelists believe what has been dubbed "recessionista fiction" will strike a chord with readers who have run out of sympathy with the shopaholics of previous best-sellers.
  • Everybody on board was hurt when the vehicle skidded across a two-lane highway 30 miles west of Tonopah, Nevada.
  • The Mojave Playas are generally smaller in area than the Lahontan and Tonopah Playas (13h) and are not part of the broad Pleistocene pluvial basins that are found in the Central Basin and Range (13) to the north. Ecoregions of Nevada (EPA)
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  • One fish I wish I could see with my own eyes is the brilliant opah, or moonfish.
  • For many avowed foodies and shopaholics, a trip to the FoodWorld is almost a weekly ritual that they thoroughly enjoy.
  • My husband, a self-labeled "shopaholic", took much longer than I did to adjust to living in Mexico. Just wondering WHEN?
  • High on my personal list is opah, or moon-fish, which I have eaten in Hawaii on several occasions.
  • My husband is a compulsive hoarder and shopaholic, filling every inch of our six-bedroom house.
  • She was a shopaholic who loved clothes and make-up and was up for a night out at the slightest excuse.
  • Menu concoctions include opah (moon fish) caught along the Kohala Coast, salmon, and seaweed grown at the Big Island's Natural Energy Lab.
  • International Buy Nothing Day, held on the 27th November 1998, challenges the shopaholics amongst us to abstain from consumer spending for 24 hours.
  • Among the shopaholics, 48 per cent stuck to the city centre and 35 per cent ventured to the Trafford Centre.
  • He steps into the road to allow a gaggle of shopaholics to descend on Mayfair and does not expect to be thanked as he flicks the brim of his trilby by way of greeting.
  • Shopaholism, or oniomania, is the technical term for the compulsive desire to shop Personal finance and money news, analysis and comment |
  • Even the most compulsive shopaholic would have difficulty filling the vast boot.
  • I went to a psychiatrist to see if I was a shopaholic, but he didn't think I was as I could pay my bills.
  • Copahue Volcano is a large stratovolcano situated on the border between Argentina and Chile. Volcanic Ash -- Effects on Water Supply and Mitigation Strategies
  • If that's not enough to draw shopaholics and mall rats, it has a full floor selling women's products.
  • opah moonfish is one of my favourite fishes, ever. in hawaii, you can get dried opah at this little market called tamashiro's;if you're ever there, seek it out, it's fantastic--thinly sliced, marinated in soy, sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Tuna Toast
  • Recipes call for fish that run from commonplace to exotic (when was the last time your grocery store carried opah?).
  • One fish I wish I could see with my own eyes is the brilliant opah, or moonfish.
  • Trying to liken video game obsession, if you will, with a real adduction such as alcoholism or even being a shopaholic, for example. CNN Transcript Jun 26, 2007
  • Thrift is the bleakest of all the virtues, especially in an era of consumerism, credit cards, and shopaholics.
  • More importantly, Bank of America has taken to the banking crisis like a shopaholic with a new credit card; it has been bargain-hunting and cutting some astonishing deals. How the Crash Will Reshape America
  • Initially Mrs Davis, who managed to walk from the bus with more minor friction burns, and her husband were taken to a local cottage hospital in Tonopah.
  • The opah, despite being toothless, and of majestic build, pursues and eats other fish and squid.
  • `Reporting safe arrival of Tonopah Maru with iceberg of approximate seventeen-hundred-plus kiloton mass.
  • No, it's not the title of a new American self-help manual for shopaholics.
  • Sensible Stella faltered and the long-buried Romantic Stella shoved her out of the way like a shopaholic on sale day. JUST BETWEEN US
  • More than a quarter of men are now self-confessed shopaholics, with 28% of them admitting to loving the thrill of buying new things.
  • Kristen was well known for being a shopaholic and Tom didn't want to be anywhere near her when she was let loose in a mall.
  • We're not a nation of shopkeepers, but shopaholics.
  • You are a shopaholic, and shopping is your only real form of exercise.
  • Much like those addicted to drugs or alcohol, shopaholics experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, depression and loss of control.
  • If you're a shopaholic like me, it's a great excuse to exercise the old credit card!
  • Football has never featured massively in the lives of this hard-working city of bankers, real estate moguls and shopaholics.
  • When she isn't working, Joanna is a self-confessed shopaholic.
  • Wed 05/12/10 12: 59 PM ill go see the movie coz im sure Hugh will deliver another good performance as he did in shopaholic and adam, ,and pls!! 'Coach' trailer: Hugh Dancy is Hugh Grant, with believable athletic ability |
  • Derhaka ni kalau kat Allah s.w.t. ka, mereka yang ma'sum ka, mak pak aku ka, atok aku ka, opah aku ka, guru aku ka atau yang sewaktu dengannya - tu kira derhaka la. ~penarik beca
  • Disney has released the first trailer for the big screen adaptation of Confessions of a Shopaholic .
  • The secret ingredient: opah (also known as moonfish or sunfish). The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • But their success will depend upon satisfying an increasingly demanding generation of trendy shopaholics.
  • Completion of the Tonopah and Tidewater Rail Road allowed him to open the rich Lila C. Mine near Death Valley.
  • My husband is a compulsive hoarder and shopaholic, filling every inch of our six-bedroom house.
  • Such a tour can break the resilience of the most addicted shopaholics.
  • For the shopaholic, there's an endless search for objects to satisfy a sense of inner longing or hunger.
  • But the albedo readings said there was a big berg somewhere around there, and so the Tonopah Maru was there too.
  • Esther, my shopaholic, passive-aggressive, overly grandiose mother, loves to recount this story at least four or five times a year and always with great relish on my day of birth!
  • From Daggett, a forsaken station of the Santa Fé Railroad, a "jerkwater" road, as it is called, extends northward to Goldfield and Tonopah, and this road takes one almost as the crow flies to the edge of the valley of the ominous name. Wealth of the World's Waste Places and Oceania
  • shopaholics can never resist a bargain
  • At the back of the store, the silvery gleam of a large opah (moonfish) was on display with other catches from the ocean. Starbulletin Headlines
  • A ‘shopaholic’ headmistress collapsed after being found guilty of living the high life with up to £500,000 plundered from her school.

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