one and only

  1. eminent beyond or above comparison
    the team's nonpareil center fielder
    she's one girl in a million
    unrivaled mastery of her art
    matchless beauty
    a peerless scholar
    wrote with unmatchable clarity
    the one and only Muhammad Ali
    infamy unmatched in the Western world
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How To Use one and only In A Sentence

  • The only way out is the one and only main gate.
  • It represents the one and only fundamental urge at the heart of all human suffering!
  • We have authentication from the cars maker, Jay Ohrberg, the renowned Hollywood car customiser, that proves what we have here is the one and only, truly original car used in the cartoon. Pink Panther Car For Sale on Ebay | Impact Lab
  • As yet, we do not know if these coincidences are just lucky outcomes of all possibilities, or whether there is one and only one possible combination that is logically self-consistent.
  • Justice Harlan, the one and only Justice to be on the right side of history in Plessy, dissented from the libertarian position in Lochner. The Volokh Conspiracy » Bruce Bartlett’s Attack on Libertarianism
  • Not long ago, Comdex was the one and only place where any self-respecting technology company would demo a new product line.
  • Seven of us sit around the bar table rapt, trying not to geek out over the fact that we're having a beer with's one and only Mustard Man.
  • Once, during tech week for My One and Only, when Garrett's lighting guy missed a cue for the fourth time in a row, A. J. went bonkers. LEO: STAGE FRIGHT
  • My one and only complaint is the lack of intermission between Vorspiel and "opera" proper, especially since the wooden seats of the Bayreuth-like Prinzregenten Theater begin to test the physical limits of the audience for such a long period, reminding one why German, apparently alone among languages, has that particular word Sitzfleisch, or sitting endurance. Opera Today
  • To my one and only Valentine: I love you.
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