1. a method of birth control in which coitus is initiated but the penis is deliberately withdrawn before ejaculation
  2. manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself or another) for sexual pleasure
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How To Use onanism In A Sentence

  • But marketing alone cannot explain why "onanism" and related terms began to show up in the great eighteenth-century encyclopedias or why one of the most influential physicians in France, the celebrated Samuel Auguste David Tissot, took up the idea of masturbation as a dangerous illness or why Tissot's 1760 work, L'Onanisme, became an instant European literary sensation. Me, Myself, and I
  • Tissot included only manual self-abuse under the term "onanism;" shortly afterward, Voltaire, in his _Dictionnaire Philosophique_, took up the subject, giving it a wider meaning and still further popularizing it. Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 1 The Evolution of Modesty; The Phenomena of Sexual Periodicity; Auto-Erotism
  • So, the word onanism now is used commonly to mean masturbation the Japanese have borrowed the word as well in onaru. Life of Brian:
  • It also may be postulated that if wasting of seed is the real reason for prohibitions against homosex, then the Bible would have also explicitly addressed spilling of semen by self sexual stimulation, often called onanism by Orthodox Judaism, relating it to the Divine execution of Onan (Gn. 38: 4-10) for coitus interruptus. Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]
  • In a "Science" column first published last summer and reprinted below, Daniel Engber examined onanism across the animal kingdom.
  • Commentators questioned why the poorest region in Spain was paying for a campaign to promote onanism.
  • It is absolutely necessary to examine the external genitals and the urine of those affected by this disease, as phlegmasiæ of the vagina, of the vestibule or urethra in girls, or the practice of onanism, or lithiasis, cystitis, or pyelitis may be the cause of the disease. History of Circumcision from the Earliest Times to the Present Moral and Physical Reasons for its Performance
  • Indeed, these desks which are open in front also facilitate surveillance of the scholars from the moral point of view; because, always seated, placed side by side without any possibility of spiritual communion, their heads dazed by the continuous vociferation of the teacher, these children very often contract vicious habits, such as onanism, which originate in the school itself. Spontaneous Activity in Education
  • From him the extreme sexual perversion called onanism has its name. Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1
  • Middle-aged virgins," men whose only sexual activity is onanism, are being highlighted as a major problem in Japanese society, with their numbers burgeoning even as youthful sexual activity increases, creating a "sexual bipolarisation. Anime Nano!
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