How To Use Omnidirectional In A Sentence

  • Sinclair Technologies has developed a VHF fiberglass omnidirectional antenna using low PIM antenna design techniques.
  • Tried the directional cardioid and the omnidirectional capsule settings, went with the omnidirectional. [film] Ask the Dust
  • They've done just that yet again with the release of their new Z-5 'omnidirectional' stereo speakers. TweakTown News RSS Feed
  • The previously discussed omnidirectional patterns are also called zeroth-order patterns and the other patterns mentioned previously (dipole and cardioid) are called first-order patterns. Notable Patent Applications - 05/07/2009
  • A reflector, a method of producing same and a method of creating high omnidirectional reflection for a predetermined range of frequencies of incident electromagnetic energy for any angle of incidence and any polarization.
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  • An "omnidirectional" antenna, which picks up stations from all directions, sounds like a good idea, but it isn't necessarily better, either. - News
  • The Liana system uses a small, omnidirectional antenna to acquire satellite signals that are sent direct to a personal computer for processing and distribution.
  • The use of multiple lamps in a radiation facility necessitates the measurement of the radiation flux from all directions or omnidirectional radiation.
  • If you're lined up with the radiation pattern of one of the larger "omnidirectional" Wi-Fi antennas, you could easily be getting three or four times as much power as you'd get if it were a real omnidirectional antenna. How To Spot A Psychopath
  • Antennas are directional or omnidirectional, such as those in the Vocera badges.
  • The compressive force material produces an omnidirectional outward force within the recessed area that creates a positive crown and camber.
  • These new systems will work great regardless of whether you're working on a desktop computer or a notebook of Mac and Windows varieties, as the 360-Degree Sound feature (better known as omnidirectional acoustics) are able to create a substantially wider sweet spot which comes in handy if you often move your computer all over the place, where the speaker drivers will face forward and backwards in each satellite, being capable of transmitting sound more consistently over a wider range of space for you to enjoy your music to the maximum regardless of where you are in the room. iMod
  • The system uses a masthead antenna array with omnidirectional and monopulse directional antennae and a separate periscope warning antenna.
  • After the currents on the wall of waveguideradiation pattern of omnidirectional waveguide slot antenna is com.
  • Audio hardware included mixers, speakers, and both omnidirectional and directional microphones; the sound setup required some care to avoid echo and ensure high fidelity.
  • The basic mechanism behind the holodeck is the omnidirectional holodiode OHD. I’m Working on That
  • Circularly symmetric omnidirectional antenna patterns also provide poor separation between sky and ground signals, limiting rejection of ground-based jammers, interference sources, and thermal noise.
  • Here's a list of tools (some of which you may already have) for basic acoustical troubleshooting: a sweep oscillator, an omnidirectional microphone, any device with a high-resolution meter and digital converters.
  • Now that we're all wrapped up in the Net, some developers want to teach us another metaphor of omnidirectional connectivity: the mesh.
  • Omnidirectional-antenna nulling systems tend to produce null rings that block GPS reception from a portion of the sky.
  • It introduces a new method - Omnidirectional M - mode echocardiography , which can detect the dynamic information from sequential echocardiography.
  • Do not use a omnidirectional mic or something like that, look up "cardioid" and make sure that's the type of mic you are using! All Updates @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
  • They'd blown a fortune downlinking the relays to ground-level stations with omnidirectional antennae.
  • GE will soon release to the public an updated version of the LED bulb that will be omnidirectional and long lasting. Bridgette Meinhold | Inhabitat
  • The omnidirectional antenna can also send and receive X-band when the directional one is not aimed properly.
  • It observes its surroundings with an omnidirectional vision sensor, and can detect and avoid obstacles by using a laser scanner.
  • It has three capsules, with settings for stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional recording; a built-in headphone amplifier for latency-free monitoring; and dials to control gain and headphone volume. Boing Boing
  • In order to improve the coverage rate of positioning, the located sensors work as anchors and also broadcast positioning information to neighbor sensors using omnidirectional antenna.
  • In this case, we saw a demo that appeared to send data from a 50mW base station, using an omnidirectional antenna, to a receiver 18 miles away.
  • LanguageForce, Inc. has announced the introduction of its newest software, Universal Translator 2000, which offers omnidirectional translation in 40 major world languages.
  • Nevertheless, I was determined to be at least vaguely scientific about this review, so I pulled out the omnidirectional microphone I had borrowed from the media unit at work and started making recordings.
  • On 30 June 2003, the 70-metre DSN station in Madrid, Spain, successfully received high-rate science data through SOHO's omnidirectional on-board low-gain antenna.
  • Most call center agents and supervisors are familiar with the two types of headset microphones most prevalent in call centers - noise canceling and omnidirectional microphones.
  • Investigations show that the construct parameters affect significantly the omnidirectional reflectivity band of a photonic crystal.
  • Audio hardware included mixers, speakers, and both omnidirectional and directional microphones; the sound setup required some care to avoid echo and ensure high fidelity, especially when large music groups were playing.
  • The system uses a masthead antenna array with omnidirectional and monopulse directional antennae and a separate periscope warning antenna.
  • An omnidirectional system receives the interference signal at full strength throughout each revolution, and therefore always will tend to have poorer performance.
  • Screw-on, screw-off standard omnidirectional antennas are used for transmission and receiving.
  • These microphones are generally called omnidirectional microphones. Notable Patent Applications - 05/07/2009
  • omnidirectional antenna

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