[ UK /ɒlfˈæktəɹˌi/ ]
[ US /oʊɫˈfæktɝi/ ]
  1. of or relating to olfaction
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How To Use olfactory In A Sentence

  • She'll approach the perfume counter boldly, spray her ample poitrine and graceful, swanlike neck until it's glistening like a freshly dunked donut and writhe in olfactory ecstasy. What to Give for Christmas to the Over-Applier?
  • Objective: The study attempts to find initial relationship between olfactory perception favor and individual personality, to explore a new route in research of personality at behavior level.
  • In mammals, neurons located in the nose detect scents using special odor receptors, and shuttle the information to the olfactory bulb, which is the integration center for smell.
  • The lateral olfactory striæ curve lateralward, a few of the fibers end in the olfactory trigone and the antero-lateral portion of the anterior perforated substance. IX. Neurology. 4e. Composition and Central Connections of the Spinal Nerves
  • The scatalogic groups of sexual perversions, urolagnia and coprolagnia, as may be sufficiently seen in this brief summary, are not merely olfactory fetiches. Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 5 Erotic Symbolism; The Mechanism of Detumescence; The Psychic State in Pregnancy
  • Interactive behaviors include quiet affiliation or 'tending,' approaching and retreating, olfactory investigation of urine and feces, flehmen response, and the precopulatory teasing sequence of mares in estrus," says McDonnell. TheHorse.com News
  • These cells pick up odor molecules high in the nose and transmit scent messages to the brain's olfactory bulb, he explained.
  • Parole in Libertà Futuriste Olfattive Tattili Termiche Words in Futurist, Olfactory, Tactile, Thermal Freedom is made from tin and consists of 27 lithographed pages filled with words, poetic phrases and brightly coloured graphic images. February 2009
  • Instead of training the e-nose to recognize a set of scents, they tuned it to the receptive range of an actual olfactory receptor. "MAIN" via Steve in Google Reader
  • A rabbit has been calculated to possess one-hundred-million olfactory receptors-small wonder its little schnozz is always twitching, it is trapped in an undulating blizzard of aromatic stimuli-and Marcel "Bunny" LeFever was reputed, with some exaggeration, to be the human equivalent of Peter Cottontail. La insistencia de Jürgen Fauth
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