How To Use Old style In A Sentence

  • N+1 apes the old style of worthy Jewish intellectuals, alongside the old style of worthy Cyril-Connolly-style balanced intellectual survey—of the sort that recalls the Johnsonian pleonasm which opens “The Vanity of Human Wishes”—which treats all the artistic developments of all the separate countries of Europe as though they were worthy of serious consideration. WHY WE LOVE TLS (UPDATED)
  • Sadly no – but I did buy an old style big screen TV just as thin plasma-y things were coming in – it weighs like 150 pounds. Mac nerds furiously adjusting underpants all day today
  • They all begin climbing into old style pressure suits, to add an extra safety factor above their life belts.
  • Their variety show is based on the old style travelling show, which came to towns and villages around Ireland in the old days.
  • Old style anthropological methods treated Indigenous peoples as historical curiosities, as remnants of a dead culture.
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  • To their credit, Pollack and his scriptwriters have tried to tackle all the necessaries of a proper old style political thriller head on.
  • The light fixtures were the old style that directed the light straight up. Christianity Today
  • The big leaves of a squash plant are just as striking as the similar leaves of gunnera, a perennial much prized by lovers of bold style.
  • I like a bit splore, but give it to me in our old style, with the tartan instead of buff, and the target for breastplate and taslets. John Splendid The Tale of a Poor Gentleman, and the Little Wars of Lorn
  • I think we're looking at a bunch of old style Colonialists - and the country being colonised is England. “End of Welfare”.
  • City Tavern not only resuscitates these old style beverages; it sells hogsheads of them.
  • I am sure that I am not the only person who would love to see the old style market and hear all the music playing, chattering from children, stall holders yelling their wares and the smell of hot dogs and candyfloss.
  • Jake regarded the huge old style colonial with a wide sweeping front porch for a minute as the rest of the team was scrambling from the van.
  • The architecture in Smolensk which is largely old style European, is not that spectacular, but catching the sun's golden beams falling on the buildings, forest and walls have carried my senses back to yesteryear and calmed my anxious thoughts living so far from friends and relatives. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at
  • The Icelander asks to be allowed to compose an epic poem in the old style about how cruelly he is being treated and about how great Iceland is.
  • This talented entertainer had his introduction to the business as a member of his family's old style travelling show back in the 60's.
  • Pipes in the middle of the day's regular revelry," ejaculated Anthony, whose way of holding the curved pipe-stem displayed a mind bent on reckless enjoyment, and said as much as a label issuing from his mouth, like a figure in a comic woodcut of the old style: -- "that's," he pursued, Rhoda Fleming — Volume 1
  • In two of the shots the Saleen S7 is right next to the Tesla roadster, in one there is a old style hotrod between them. EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - The Ironman TV spot last night was awesome
  • Doing this "flushes" out your old style files and replaces it with new ones. by ChriZathens » Sun Aug 23, 2009 4: 14 am
  • Although fore-edge paintings can be found on manuscripts dating back to the 13th century, the art became popular in the 17th century, and is still being widely practiced today by artists working on 18th and 19th century books in the old styles. 2009 July 14 | NIGEL BEALE NOTA BENE BOOKS
  • They advise homeowners not to worry if their existing windows or doors do not comply with the new legislation - there is no expiry date on the old style glass.
  • All submitted comments are subject to the rules set forth in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. from mosinman123 wrote 7 weeks 3 days ago yo man im 19 and im with you when i use a muzleloader i like that old style feel. of a flintlock or caplock muzleloader. if it was goog enough for elmer fud then its good enough for me. old tradional muzzelloaders or the new inlines
  • This was a problem at the time but today few contemporary reds exhibit these old style faults.
  • One hundred and seven years old, drinking pearls to stay alive, and living in the old style ! THREE IN ONE
  • One on the bedside table that would get turned off, then the next one half way to the ensuite, which would get turned off, then the old style clock (like in the photo) in the bathtub. How Long Do You Ignore Your Alarm Clock? | Lifehacker Australia
  • Besides cutting hair and shaving men, he was a dab hand at sharpening old style cut throat razors, as well as scissor sharpening.
  • We dine on kosher hot dogs, Old Style beer, Cracker Jacks, and frosty malts.
  • It is named after a popular local coastal area and made up with genuine ale yeast and malts to help bring out the ‘old style’ ale flavours.
  • Reissues of the works of author Edgar Rice Burroughs in paper back and book club editions did much to bring Frank Frazetta’s bold style to the attention of a whole new generation of readers.
  • All Replies from mosinman123 wrote 7 weeks 3 days ago yo man im 19 and im with you when i use a muzleloader i like that old style feel. of a flintlock or caplock muzleloader. if it was goog enough for elmer fud then its good enough for me. old tradional muzzelloaders or the new inlines
  • It has rows of old style desks with seats attached, old fashioned inkwells, photographs of King Edward VIII and Queen Alexandra on the wall, and an old-fashioned globe with British colonies shown in red.
  • And so my evening ended with the lugubrious sight and sound, fortunately unseen and unheard, of a chubby old poet singing along to a faltering self-accompaniment, working through a few old style songs.
  • Of course, it a version of Clash of the the Titans, and you'd expect that a bit - but, I'd argue its the kind of movie where a lot of the charm came from the old style of special effects - it was, more or less, the last of its kind in the Harry hausen tradition. First Official Clash of the Titans Poster Has Arrived!
  • Doug reached out and gripped his ear, like an old style schoolmarm. SNOWJOB
  • This is box-on-box, with candle wax, the old style of making cabinetry. Times, Sunday Times
  • The light fixtures were the old style that directed the light straight up. Christianity Today
  • It's a conglomerate of three houses opened to one another and built in the old style - with arches, tufa (soft volcanic stone) and many stairs.
  • A handsome and mysterious stranger, an Argentine illegal worker (Demian Gabriel) arrives by fishing boat, and connects with an assortment of eccentrics, most notably an older woman (Warhol superstar Viva) who occupies a rundown and secluded oceanfront compound of old style, grand, shingled houses and bungalows. Regina Weinreich: Paul Morrissey Dishes on Acting School and Andy Warhol
  • He was a quiet, inoffensive gentleman of the old style, who devoted his time to his work and family.
  • European designers and activewear manufactures are "reissuing" their old styles in limited editions.
  • OK aunty Flo, but these people whom I have execrated are NOT old style right of centre liberals (like me and you.) If Greens Ruled The World...
  • After a separate ‘old style committal’ he was committed for trial to Chelmsford Crown Court, and arraigned on 27th January 1997.
  • Doug reached out and gripped his ear, like an old style schoolmarm. SNOWJOB
  • The idea was born in the brain of Texas firebrand Jim Hightower and draws its inspiration from the old style Chautauqua - part country fair, part revival festival and pure grass roots democracy.
  • The first movement, praeludium, is quite in the old style at first. The Masters and their Music A series of illustrative programs with biographical, esthetical, and critical annotations
  • The old style decorative lamps are in sympathy with the narrow street and its small retail outlets.
  • Although returning aristocrats tended to favor powdered hair and tight-fitting knee breeches in the old style, most middle-class men wore trousers or pantaloons and kept their hair in a natural style, whether tousled or à la Titus.
  • But it's also a rustic idyll - an extensively renovated old style estate cottage in the middle of a copse of tall tree where rooks caw incessantly in the Spring sunshine.
  • I liked more her old style, now she looks like a clon of Beyonce with Britney. Shakira & Gordon Brown Fix Everyone’s Problems
  • The seats are comfortable for old style seats, and are supposedly upholstered in mohair.
  • She was the old style of nurse, her dress long, her cuffs starched. THE GOLDEN LION
  • Compare that to the northern part of the state from Orlando to Jacksonville and across to Pensacola, which tends to run to the far more conservative old style Deep South side of the aisle (the panhandle is sometimes referred to as Lower Alabama) with its large rural areas and middle-class retirees who are deeply suspicious of anything that smells slightly of progressivism beyond 1948. December 2005
  • No. 815 was typical of earlier years with its old style headlight with built-in number light mounted atop the smokebox, and a square cut tender which was designed for better visibility when backing up.
  • The blank face will serve the same purpose as old style screens.
  • And it was in the second part of his speech that he adopted both a new vocabulary and an old style.
  • I used old style film techniques to re-evoke the past of cinema. Karin Badt: Interview With Winner of Cannes Festival: Thai Director Weerasethakul Speaks About Reincarnation
  • She also danced an old reel which she got from Johnny Kelly of Bekan and that was specially in memory of Dominic Stenson, a great old style step dancer who had been laid to rest in Achadh Mor the day before.
  • The light fixtures were the old style that directed the light straight up. Christianity Today
  • Some of the old style traffic wardens were ruthless, especially some of the women.
  • The light fixtures were the old style that directed the light straight up. Christianity Today
  • M. Gutmann is a pianist with a neat but somewhat cold style of playing; he has what one calls fingers, and uses them with much dexterity. Frederic Chopin as a Man and Musician
  • We´re not leaving for a while longer and I can´t add Antibbes to my list but I´ll be down the road in funky Marseilles enjoying (in my opinion) some of the best bouillabaisse and Bouride on the planet on the malecón south of the old port at the old style Restaurant Michele - an institution in Marseilles. On Life and Wealth
  • Low and behold I find an old style camping jack-knife from my Boy Scout days with a ring on it collecting dust in my sock drawer. My Favorite Flashlight
  • In a more vigorous vein he wrote some church music, including a Mass in the old style and the famous music for Vespers on feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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