How To Use Old high german In A Sentence

  • Speakers of Old High German and Old English preferred a Greek root, omphalos, which led to nabalo and nafela, and then popped up in Shakespeare as “he unseamed him from the naue to the chops,” and developed into Sir Thomas Browne’s 1646 observation, “The use of the Navell is to continue the infant into the mother.” No Uncertain Terms
  • Then the stems were hackled (from the Old High German word that also gave us hook) to remove any remaining non-fibrous material by drawing them through a big comb consisting of a bed of nails in a wooden board.
  • If I'm correct about terminal obstruent devoicing continuing in the region, then they never did speak Old High German as we usually think of it note that terminal obstruent devoicing is one of the criteria for distinguishing MHG from OHG. The PIE and Pre-PIE pronominal system from the perspective of a wave model
  • Etymology: Middle French debaucher, from Old French desbauchier to scatter, disperse, from des – de – + bauch beam, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German balko beam — more at BALK The Volokh Conspiracy » Recent Michigan Prosecutions for “Seducing an Unmarried Woman” 
  • Old High German is High German from the middle of the 9th to the end of the 11th century
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  • Irish, maise is food, and in the Old High German, maz is meat. Atlantis : the antediluvian world
  • In the group of West Germanic dialects, for the study of which Old High German, Anglo-Saxon, Old Frisian, and Old Saxon are our oldest and most valuable sources, we still have these four cases, but the phonetic form of the case syllables is already greatly reduced and in certain paradigms particular cases have coalesced. Chapter 7. Language as a Historical Product: Drift

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