How To Use Oil shale In A Sentence

  • More ammonium sulphate solution is being recovered in the process of distilling oil shale.
  • In addition to its well-preserved fossil fish, the Green River Formation is famous for its trona and oil shale.
  • The oil shales are very fissile, non-laminated, dark brown to black and have a bituminous smell, whereas the less carbonaceous beds are weakly fissile.
  • Economically significant deposits of trona, a major source of sodium compounds , and thick layers of oil shale were created in the arid environment.
  • Chemical precipitation produces other deposits, such as evaporites, ironstones, and phosphates; and the accumulation of organic matter results in the formation of coal, oil shales, and hydrocarbons.
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  • The development of an economically viable way to extract oil from oil shale would put a ceiling on oil prices and would extend the oil era by decades.
  • More ammonium sulphate solution is being recovered in the process of distilling oil shale.
  • Oil shale is sedimentary rock that contains solid bituminous materials -- called kerogen -- that are released as petroleum-like liquids when the rock is heated. Local News RSS from The Detroit News
  • Heating oil shale to a sufficiently high temperature will drive off a vapor which processing can distill (retort) to yield a petroleum-like shale oil-a form of non-conventional oil-and combustible shale gas (the term shale gas can also refer to gas occurring naturally in shales). - Articles related to Reliance Industries to push into power and telecom
  • It was also postulated that the slow settling of organic material from the surface produced the bituminous carbonate layers known as oil shale.
  • The first commercial oil shale works were constructed at Port Kembla in 1865.
  • Pgrolysis mechanism of small - size oil shale was described and its technological flowsheet was introduced.
  • When the oil shale gets to a suitable temperature, the hydrocarbon material - called kerogen - becomes a vapor. Glenwood Springs Post Independent - Top Stories
  • Particularly instructive is the effectively continuous high-resolution signal of the interval from the base of the upper coccolith limestone to the calcareous mudstone above the upper oil shale.
  • Gibling interpreted the assemblage of mudstone, coal and oil shale in the Cenozoic basins of Thailand as the product of deposition in environments where lake levels fluctuated.
  • Oil shale is a type of rock that has a petroleum precursor called kerogen trapped inside of it. J. Thomas Andrews: Oil Shale to the Rescue?
  • The amount of water it takes to get that oil shale is pretty much all the water we have. Matthew Yglesias » Drill, Baby, Drill
  • The formation is composed of shales, mudstones, sandstones, oil shales and coal beds accumulated in fluvial to lacustrine environments.
  • Oil shale is a precursor of oils, a rock that contains enough organic material – called kerogen – to yield oil and gas when it is cooked. Current Oil Prices and Alternative Fuel Research Not an Indication of World Oil Reserves
  • Mineralogically, these oil shales are marls or argillaceous limestones, which may be associated with volcanic tuffs and evaporites. The Democratic Party's email attacking Jerome Corsi (author of the #1 selling anti-Obama book).
  • More ammonium sulphate solution is being recovered in the process of distilling oil shale.

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