How To Use Oculist In A Sentence

  • Obsessed with her health, she traveled with a retinue of surgeons, physicians, oculists, and apothecaries.
  • Today, he will have an artificial eye inserted by an oculist at the New Zealand Artificial Eye Service in Takapuna.
  • Many of the words were strange – commodious, oculist; the phrases unusual – jolly friends; the foods strange - jellied consommé. The Sign of the Twisted Candles | The Stiletto Gang
  • The greatest concession I can make is that sometimes it may run one way and sometimes the other, and that in the meantime we should both consult an oculist. FOUR HORSES AND A SAILOR
  • I went to the oculist who blandly told me I would need glasses by the time I was 47.
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  • Because these graduates prefer more lucrative jobs such as oculists, dentists or dermatologists, the country will soon encounter a lack of physicians in the four major fields of medicine in district hospitals, the report warns.
  • I am firmly convinced that every glaucomatous patient, and I now refer to those who are the subjects of chronic progressive glaucoma, should be carefully studied from the general standpoint by the oculist with the aid of an expert internist, just as I am convinced that the modern expert internist should not study his cases of cardio-vascular disease without the help of the oculist. Glaucoma A Symposium Presented at a Meeting of the Chicago Ophthalmological Society, November 17, 1913
  • And, true to his word, he dispatched Kit to the oculist. THE TASTE OF THE MEAT
  • In addition to the oculist of R. Yehudah ben Asher we also know about Marat Yuskah of early thirteenth century Mainz or Worms. Doctors: Medieval.
  • A paper by the eminent oculist, chirugeon to King William. THE RIVAL QUEENS: A COUNTESS ASHBY DE LA ZOUCHE MYSTERY
  • At the age of 16 he began wearing a monocle, an unusual step for a young man even in 1939, after an oculist told him his right eye was weaker than his left eye.
  • Then a Jewess, a skilled oculist, appeared on the scene. Doctors: Medieval.
  • His grandfather, the legendary ‘Chevalier’ Taylor, had been oculist to George II, and afterwards, so his grandson assures us, to ‘every crowned head in Europe’.
  • Contrary to the advice of concerned oculists, these moviegoers are prepared to wear special glasses for more than two hours to experience the movie in 3-D.
  • On the days that a medical doctor, therapists and an oculist are available at the clinic, they have to make use of the sisters' offices.
  • He was not a particularly good dog - he once bit the oculist who dared to lean over me and touch my face to adjust a new pair of glasses.
  • So I went to an oculist, and he turned a gasogene -- I mean a gas-engine -- into my eye. The Light That Failed
  • The geographer, it appears, was afflicted with a peculiar squint of the eyes, hence the name strabismus, which the modern oculist applies to that particular infirmity. A History of Science: in Five Volumes. Volume I: The Beginnings of Science
  • In the 24 hours I have been carrying the book around in public I have received propositions on the bus, in an oculist's waiting room and from a passing chief executive.
  • Anne suffered from a weakness in her eyes from childhood and was sent to France to consult an oculist when she was four years old, she was to remain very short-sighted all her life and suffered from a squint.
  • Her self-centered mother, Youle, the daughter of an Amsterdam Jewish oculist, was a seamstress and a courtesan of middling success. Actress, Seductress
  • Some ten years before, Miss Travers, then a young girl of nineteen, was suffering from partial deafness, and was recommended by her own doctor to go to Dr. Wilde, who was the chief oculist and aurist in Dublin. Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions
  • Julie was the daughter of Maurice Bernard (also noted in documents as Bernardt), an oculist, and of Jeannette née Hart (noted also as Hard, or van Hard). Sarah Bernhardt.
  • Dick felt slightly comforted when he learned that the oculist was a clever man who had been well known in Barcelona until he was forced to leave the city after taking part in some revolutionary plot. Brandon of the Engineers
  • He stared into my eyes like an oculist searching for signs of retinal decomposition and then barked out a short laugh. THE DICE MAN
  • With these words, found in the collection of ethical wills edited by Israel Abrahams, R. Yehudah ben Asher introduces us to the woman oculist in thirteenth century Cologne who preserved his sight. Doctors: Medieval.
  • An optometrist, ophthalmologist or oculist can make sure contact wearers have the right lenses and take care of them properly.
  • He should consult a dentist, an oculist, an aurist, or other specialist according to his particular need. How to Eat A Cure for "Nerves"
  • Jonathan David Jagger, surgeon oculist to the Queen. New Year honours: the full list

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