How To Use Octavian In A Sentence

  • Octavian from beginning to end insisted on peace and public order.
  • When Octavian arrived in Rome to claim his inheritance, he was only nineteen.
  • Octavian’s response to the terms Maecenas brought him was very different. Antony and Cleopatra
  • Here Octavian built a lavished temple to his patron deity Mars, the god of war.
  • The story of the asp, and of the suicide note, not only proclaimed Octavian's innocence: it gilded him with honour.
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  • The system was revived later in the century by the triumvirs Mark Antony, Marcus Lepidus and Octavian to eliminate those judged sympathetic to the assassination of Julius Caesar.
  • Here Octavian built a lavished temple to his patron D Mars , the god of war.
  • Antony emerged triumphant and the dominant partner of the triumvirate, while Octavian's seeming cowardice caused a severe if temporary setback to his ambitions.
  • To prepare the ground for Actium, the battle that would decide the future of Rome and at which Octavian would defeat Antony and Cleopatra, he needed a worthy opponent. Still Under Cleopatra's Spell
  • Octavian sought the help of the Senate, only to be met with obstructionism and outright treachery.
  • All was quietly ended by the curate; and Don Fernando paid the whole sum, although the judge had also most liberally offered to do it; and all of them remained afterwards in such quietness and peace, as the inn did no longer resemble the discorded camp of Agramante, as Don Quixote termed it, but rather enjoyed the very peace and tranquillity of the Emperor Octavian’s time; for all which the common opinion was, that thanks were justly due to the sincere proceeding and great eloquence of master curate, and to the incomparable liberality and goodness of Don Fernando. The Fourth Book. XIX. In Which Is Finished the Notable Adventure of the Troopers, and the Great Ferocity of Our Knight, Don Quixote, and How He Was Enchanted
  • Instead of following Caesar's example, however, and making himself dictator, Octavian in 27 BC founded the principate (from princeps, ‘the leading man’), a system of monarchy headed by an emperor holding power for life.
  • Some 2,000 years ago after Julius Caesar's murder, Octavian, his great-nephew and heir, gathered an army and marched on Rome.
  • A spokesman stepped forward to offer a compromise: Octavian would remain consul, but a second consul would be elected annually, as of old, so that he could share the burden.
  • Anno imperii Octaviani Augusti quadragesimo secundo: Archive 2009-01-01
  • In addition, Octavian had started to prefix his name with the designation ‘Imperator,’ to suggest that he was the commander par excellence; and now, although he continued to use his triumviral powers, he omitted all reference to them from his coins, gradually concentrating on the plain, emotive name ‘Caesar Son of a God.’
  • But not as finicking and patient as the work Octavian and his wife put into drafting the Oath of Allegiance. Antony and Cleopatra
  • After the Persians were thrown out by Alexander, an independent but weak Cappadocian kingdom arose, to be a pawn in the conflict between Rome and Perseus of Macedon, then Rome and Antiochus, then Rome and Mithridates VI of Pontus, and then between various Roman generals like Antony and Octavian, until the kingdom was made a Roman province. Log of the Eclipse (8)
  • They're all overshadowed, really, by Octavian, the man who will become Caesar Augustus, the first true emperor, you know, Julius Caesar's adopted son, his real great-nephew. The True Story Of 'Antony And Cleopatra'
  • Octavian went ahead with his triumph, when the procession through Rome bore an image of Cleopatra with a snake ostentatiously clamped to her arm.
  • Cleopatra negotiated with Octavian to allow her to bury Mark Antony in Egypt. She wanted to be buried with him because she wanted to reenact the legend of Isis and Osiris.
  • Developed by software engineer Octavian "Vivi" Costache as a Gmail Labs experiment, multiple inbox will split an inbox into selected windows based on what you want to see -- such as starred or draft messages. G4TV - The Feed
  • The scene of the coiffing is a print of Hogarth's translated to the stage; Rofrano's name "Octavian Musical Portraits Interpretations of Twenty Modern Composers
  • He referred to the red carpet that some official belonging to the duumviri had laid down the full length of the jetty, a sign of kingliness that horrified Octavian. Antony and Cleopatra
  • Acting on reports from his scouts, Antony and the assassin Decimus Turullius set out with several legions and Galatian cavalry and defeated the leading legions; Octavian was compelled to halt. Antony and Cleopatra
  • The house had been confiscated by Octavian during the wave of proscriptions in the aftermath of the Battle of Philippi from the family of Quintus Hortensius, the famous orator and great rival of Cicero who had amassed a fortune from his legal career and subsequently bequeathed the villa to his daughter Hortensia and son Quintus Hortensius Hortalus. Caesars’ Wives
  • For such a one as Octavian, the unalleviated company of military men like his senior legates for months on end would have driven him mad. Antony and Cleopatra
  • He referred to the red carpet that some official belonging to the duumviri had laid down the full length of the jetty, a sign of kingliness that horrified Octavian. Antony and Cleopatra
  • In 23 BC, Octavian gave up the consulate, but the senate forced him to keep power over the provinces.
  • In the fall, Caesar makes preparations for a campaign in Parthia the next year and makes his will, appointing his great-nephew, Octavian, as his primary heir, allegedly adopting him as his son.
  • The senate, led by Cicero, supported Octavian, who defeated Antony in 43 and took the consulship by force.
  • Antony remained in the east, while Octavian retained a brutal hold on Italy.
  • This left the empire in the hands of Octavian and Antony, who retained their triumviral power.
  • Courtesy of Octavian Backlit photography clearly shows ullage level and label quality "One of the great advantages of having an underground storage facility as opposed to an above-ground warehouse," says Mr. Greer, "is that a thief can't just take a large vehicle and smash their way in. The Wine Connoisseur's Underground Vault
  • (Soundbite of laughter) ALEXIS: So what keeps me fascinated is what I considered one of the great mysteries of history: Why did Antony put that huge army and fleet together to battle Octavian and then run away from them and back to her and leave them to be decimated? The True Story Of 'Antony And Cleopatra'
  • Google software engineer Octavian "Vivi" Costache explained in a company blog post why he used his "20 percent time" develop the feature:
  • Google software engineer Octavian 'Vivi' Costache explained in a company blog post why he used his '20 percent time' to develop the Gmail feature: ZDNet News - News Page One
  • At the harbor of Brundisium Brindisi on the Adriatic coast of Italy the terms of a treaty were agreed in October 40 BC, which confirmed the awards of the eastern provinces of the empire to Mark Antony and the western provinces to Octavian, while third wheel Lepidus was dispatched to the province of Africa, well away from the center of the action. Caesars’ Wives
  • In 36, Octavian defeated Pompey's son Sextus Pompeius at Naulochus, and also ousted Lepidus from the triumvirate.

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