1. type genus of the Ochotonidae
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How To Use Ochotona In A Sentence

  • Smaller mammals include short-tailed mole Talpa micrura, Tibetan water shrew Nectogale elegans, Himalayan water shrew Chimarrogale himalayica, bobak marmot Marmota bobak, Royle's pika Ochotona roylei, woolly hare Lepus oiostolus, rat Rattus sp. and house mouse Mus musculus. Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal
  • Small mammals and rodents such as collard pika (Occhotona rufescens), Royle's pika (Ochotona roylei), stone marten (Martes foina), migratory hamster (Cricetulus migratorius), and three sand rat species are spread widely. Sulaiman Range alpine meadows
  • The typical fauna of mammals in the vast Kazakhstan steppes includes the numerous rodents such as ground squirrels (Citellus), hamsters (Cricetus, Cricetulus, Podopus), voles (Microtus), birch mice (Sicista), lemmings (Lagurus), marmots (Marmota bobac); and lagomorphs such as pikas (Ochotona) and hares (Lepus). Kazakh steppe
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