How To Use Occam In A Sentence

  • Occam's Razor is an intellectual tool that basically states that, given any two solutions to the same problem, the simpler solution will be the best.
  • Laws of assignment An occam process may assign values to its variables.
  • Occam, I have a suggestion: ask a bible believing preacher about why the left deifies their leaders. The press and Obama: where’s that lovin’ feeling?
  • Occam Given several shits, the simpler shit is more likely to be the true shit.
  • Some of the later doctors of the church, Durand and Occam, opposed this theory, though they proposed a nearly allied one, called "consubstantiation," that the body and blood are present with the bread and wine. The Age of the Reformation
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  • Occam's razor: if not necessary, not by entity.
  • Thus no syntactically correct program in our restricted version occam can contain an execution error.
  • We see how each of the laws arises out of our informal understanding of how occam constructors work.
  • Theistic evolution at best includes God as an unnecessary rider in an otherwise purely naturalistic account of life. As such, theistic evolution violates Occam's razor.
  • Algebraic laws alone only allow us to prove one occam program equal to another.
  • If they're the same, then Occam's razor hints that bigfoot is a guy in a costume. Frame 352, and all that
  • Mr. Sharp took those into account when writing the piece "Occam's Razor" for the New York-based ensembles the JACK Quartet and the Sirius Quartet, as well as for his own solo guitar piece, which will be played acoustically. The 'East Village Nosferatu' Haunts Brooklyn
  • Even the latest historians of philosophy complain that there is up to the present day no "ingoing" (as the Germans say) monograph about Scotus and none about Occam. [ The Flourishing of Romance and the Rise of Allegory (Periods of European Literature, vol. II)
  • It's a result of empirical observations coupled with parsimony aka "Occam's Razor". Science as a form of "faith"??
  • Poor William of Occam (whose logical razor is supposed to cut out unnecessarily prodigal assumptions) must be turning in his grave at the thought of such a multiplication of entities.
  • I couldn't be moved to reconstruct an extra phoneme because it seemed to me to mitigate against peak theoretical efficiency i.e. it was Occam's-Razor-unfriendly but I had to concede that there was at least an added voiced allophone of *s at work. Nominative Lengthening and a reinterpretation of Szemerenyi's Law
  • Granted, it’s simpler just to say life as we know it started from and changes through natural feedback processes, without adding the unnecessary addendum that “oh yeah, AND there’s this indetectible supernatural guidance controlling the process”, but biology notoriously ignores Occam’s Razor anyway. Essays in Honor of OOS - The Panda's Thumb
  • Laws of assignment An occam process may assign values to its variables.
  • Now, wielding Occam's Razor, as we are so often required to do when the right side of the aisle gets overexcited, which is more likely: a deliberate deception, despite the fact that the audio recording of the hearing can be downloaded from the CHRC CHRT and has legal precedence over the transcript in case of any discrepancies? Earth to speech-warriors...
  • The theory of "Occam's Razor" is one of the most famous ten classical laws in the management field. Its central principle is "Not add supplements, when no requirements".
  • The specific topology for a transputer network must be configured by the software developer, with occam processes mapped to transputers appropriately.
  • Applying Occam's Razor to web design will help you find the most elegant and direct solution to your design problems.

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