How To Use Obturate In A Sentence

  • When the bullet is fired, it expands and fills the obturate (drilled hole in the barrel core material) more evenly. Further Testing on the Shaw Mark VII
  • On the other far-away, if your target is to be an artist, there is nothing obturate ignore to attending craft school. Article directories Celibataire Urbaine
  • Method : After examing and treating with the patient preliminary, obturate the middle and rear part of nasal cavity first with PVF medical sponge, then Vaseline gauze piece tightly.
  • It was a pity that his ears were so obturated with vanity as not to have heard the shrieks of half-stifled laughter created by his first public appearance in this fashionable guise, which only required to be completed by the death's-head pin with which Bruce presented him, (and which therefore he was obliged to wear), to make it perfect. Julian Home
  • The Foster slugs have very shallow rifling and since these slugs obturate in shotgun bores, most of these grooves are ironed out in the process.

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