1. any structure that makes progress difficult
  2. someone who systematically obstructs some action that others want to take
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How To Use obstructer In A Sentence

  • And after Vikarna's flight, Satruntapa, unable to repress his ire, began to afflict Partha, that obstructer of foes and achiever of super-human feats, by means of a perfect shower of arrows. The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2 Books 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • In addition, while Senator McCain was certainly correct in the debate when he claimed that Colombia and its President, Alvaro Uribe, constitute the U. S.'s number one ally in the region, HRW's new report paints a picture of Uribe as a major obstructer of the process to cut the fatal ties between the Colombian government and the murderous paramilitaries in that country. Dan Kovalik: Obama & Human Rights Watch -- Colombia Must Improve Human Rights
  • McConnell is a notable Senate obstructer and stay-the-course agent for Bush. Poll: Majority of Kentuckians Disapprove of McConnell on Iraq
  • I was extraordinarily mistrustful of District Attorney Rice ' s sudden change from obdurate obstructer to newfound champion of justice " during her campaign, said Friedman attorney Ron Kuby . Review Slated for Abuse Case
  • Surely it cannot be Mr. Otis's position that no first-offending, non-violent, non-greedy obstructer of justice ought to do jail time. Is That Legal?: June 2007 Archives
  • The obstructer is then the adequate cause of the injury. Causation in the Law
  • How can you call call upon troops to conduct themselves with honor and integrity when you make lame excuses for the conduct of a convicted perjurer and obstructer of justice like Scooter Libby? Larry C. Johnson: Bye Bye, Perfect Peter
  • Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the obstructer of the earlier climate change legislation, echoed Domenici's crocodile tears about the pain at the pump while ridiculing "those who think we can tax our way out of this problem. Janet Ritz: Republicans Block Oil Windfall Tax
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