[ UK /əblˈɪvɪəs/ ]
[ US /əˈbɫɪviəs/ ]
  1. failing to keep in mind
    oblivious old age
    forgetful of her responsibilities
  2. (followed by `to' or `of') lacking conscious awareness of
    oblivious of the mounting pressures for political reform
    oblivious to the risks she ran
    not unmindful of the heavy responsibility
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How To Use oblivious In A Sentence

  • We believe he, either, is turning his Nelson's eye to the scientific reports, or, is plain oblivious of Peter Bergen's cogent and coherent articulation of the demerits of EITs as image destroyers for the US. Cheney wrong on interrogation inquiry facts, Obama official says
  • Mr Copley, robed in cassock and billowing surplice, was impatiently pacing the back lawn seeming oblivious to their presence.
  • She seemed oblivious, so I hit my hooter to get her attention.
  • Oblivious, the party bosses clung on, negotiating pacts and deals, blocking any new ideas or initiatives.
  • I was not young enough to be oblivious to what was going on and not old enough to know what to do about it.
  • He's now oblivious to his workmates' leg-pulling and says: ‘I wouldn't be without my three-wheeler even though I've never been above 60 mph because it shakes too much.’
  • The curly haired, dark-skinned child who stared up at him with “hero-worship” adoration was oblivious to the fact that his white shirt was pulled halfway out of the waist of his pants or that his clip-on bow-tie was askew. Who Said It Would Be Easy
  • The fact that an offender may remain oblivious to that forgiveness is absolutely beside the point. Scott Cairns: The Christian and the Community: A Relationship in God's Image
  • Christ, did ye see 'em scutter like wee mousies wi 'a cat on their tails?" said one patient to another, seemingly oblivious of the nasty powder burn that had singed his left arm from knuckles to shoulder. Dragonfly in Amber
  • Colin Spencer still stood by the desk no one signed in at; and he still smiled and nodded his hellos and goodbyes to every oblivious face that passed him by as though he was host to this year's biggest A-list birthday bash.
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