[ UK /əblˈɪtəɹˌe‍ɪtɐ/ ]
  1. an eliminator that does away with all traces
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How To Use obliterator In A Sentence

  • Max is currently being a very, very naughty boy on a geopolitical level and planning to do horrible things with a kind of sonic obliterator bomb that may well be the greenest weapon of mass destruction ever. Screenhead
  • The Obliterator was severely damaged in the ramming, but the alien vessel was crippled.
  • A guest considers the mohel who will perform the act: He was eighty if he was a day, but he came highly recommended by the temple sisterhood as the foreskin obliterator in town. 2006 November « One-Minute Book Reviews
  • For we are not _mere_ human: we, too, are divine; and there is no such obliterator of the divine as the human that acts undivinely. A Dish of Orts : Chiefly Papers on the Imagination, and on Shakespeare
  • Plax's teammates have stated time and again that they love him and wish to see him return to the team, so that eliminates the notion of him as a "team obliterator. The Fifth Down
  • When you're not perplexed by the existence of the sonic obliterator, an ovoid about three feet high and two feet wide that somehow packs enough destructive might to sink an island, you'll be amazed by the abduction of a helicopter, then an armored car BY helicopter. Screenhead
  • In this show Margo, Alex and Jerry are the obliterators.
  • In place of it a tall new building of modern Gothic design, unfamiliar to English eyes, had been erected on a new piece of ground by a certain obliterator of historic records who had run down from London and back in a day. Jude the Obscure
  • If Jamal wasnt healthy or he was TOO old, then why would KC decide overnight to bring in the convict/team obliterator Shaun Smith? Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local
  • Bud's past life had not been much in her thoughts; love, the obliterator, had successfully wiped away the last traces of uneasiness that she had felt, and like all true and good women, she had given him the priceless treasure of her love, not questioning, not seeking to discern what he would have shown her had it seemed right in his mind that she should see. The Free Range
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