How To Use Obliquity In A Sentence

  • The armour steel monocoque hull provides all round 360° protection against 7.62 mm armour piercing rounds at 0° obliquity.
  • I find the combination of analysis and ardent obliquity in these writings very powerfully enabling.
  • Surely this expresses, in part, Guest's anxiety about critics who were ill-disposed toward the beauty, elusive humor, and obliquity of her style.
  • For it is not sin which he derives from his parents; at least, not sin in any sense which imports blame, but only some prejudice to the perfect harmony of this mold, some kind of pravity or obliquity which inclines him to evil. Christian Nurture.
  • But the most profound effect over the long haul would be the changes in the earth's obliquity - the angle of its spin axis - which is stabilized by the moon's gravitational pull.
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  • To show a breach of duty it is not necessary to establish dishonesty, criminal conduct, personal obliquity or behaviour such as would warrant striking a solicitor off the roll.
  • He likes the poem's blend of directness, ornateness and obliquity, unsurprisingly for an Ulsterman who is given to verbal opulence and is notoriously elusive in some of his opinions.
  • Palmer's obliquity should not be misconstrued as cold blood, his hiddenness as hermeticism.
  • A new graphical method based on the tangential obliquity criterion is proposed by using fundamentals of analytical geometry for distinguishing the stability of mechatronic transmission system.
  • Abul Wafa determined accurately the obliquity of the ecliptic in 995 A.D. and calculated the variation in the moon's motion.
  • It is here that the obliquity factor makes a crucial difference.
  • From the former it differs in leaf-section and bud (the bud of P. sinensis is never white), from the latter in the lustre and the color variation of its cone, and from both in the frequent obliquity of its cone and in the frequent presence of trimerous leaf-fascicles. The Genus Pinus
  • Consider, now, Wallace's storytelling method, favouring obliquity and puzzle packed in puzzle, and wonder if it mightn't have its own version of ‘gross rhetorical naivety’.
  • This paper introduces the application of obliquity sensor AME-B002 in automatic balance system.
  • [GRUMACH — ill-favored.] (which, from an obliquity in his eyes, was the personal distinction he bore in the Highlands, where titles of rank are unknown) was suspected of being a better man in the cabinet than in the field. A Legend of Montrose
  • A primary factor controlling the seasons and climate is the obliquity, the tilt of the planet's spin axis with respect to the normal to the orbital plane.
  • (which undesignedness is gathered from their latency, their minuteness, their obliquity, the suitableness of the circumstances in which they consist to the places in which those circumstances occur, and the circuitous references by which they are traced out) demonstrates that they have not been produced by meditation, or by any fraudulent contrivance. Evidence of Christianity
  • Abstract: Shear force is interrelating with width and thickness of plate and obliquity of knife - edge.
  • Shear force is interrelating with width and thickness of plate and obliquity of knife - edge.

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