How To Use Obfuscation In A Sentence

  • The answer to providing a modicum of security for interpreted applications has to this point been obfuscation - - making the code look different so it can be difficult to decompile and figure out.
  • He should be forced to face up to his platitudes and obfuscations over the past four years.
  • For him to warp my book in this way, while calling me, absurdly, a "hardliner" in quite a different context (Israel) and then conceding that I do not consider Muslims mystical anti-Semites, is surely an obfuscation of the whole discussion. 'The Great Hatred'
  • But sly obfuscation and specious fault-finding don't help. Globe and Mail
  • At best they were footnotes on the contrary theme, at worst outright obfuscation.
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  • The obfuscation method works only because Microsoft's IIS permits a non-standard decode of html (so Apache servers, for example, are not affected).
  • If you have a provable scientific claim, especially one where you cite significant observable effects, there is no need to promote it through the medium of bombast and obfuscation.
  • You know the kind of stupefying sesquipedalian obfuscation where the scribe appears to be in cahoots to get a commission every time you have to stop and look up a word. Is Godot your middle name, Bill O��Reilly?
  • Suitably chastened, may I humbly entreat him to, unambiguously and without obfuscation, answer a few pertinent questions?
  • Our delirium is the somber side-effect of a nation under sedation, induced by a heroin-like injected haze of obfuscation and trepid tentativeness to break free of our "pusher. Bush's Wonderland and through the Looking Glass of Iraq
  • The combination of overcompensation and obfuscation has created uncertainty. Times, Sunday Times
  • The result was an epic display of legalistic obfuscation, nit-picking, hairsplitting and point-scoring. Times, Sunday Times
  • Perhaps these inconstancies are part of the book's Art - an attempt to discombobulate the audience with extreme contradictions just as the characters live in a state of perpetual untruth and obfuscation.
  • Over the Dolphins stadium's public address system, Bailar asked God, "Father and Mother of us all," to protect his "gentle dophins" from the "voracious beasts of prey" and to "limit ... the obfuscations of sportscaster Howard Cosell acidulous tongue, so that he may describe this night truly and grammatically as it is... Shirl James Hoffman, Ed.D.: Joe Nelms' Prayer Perfect For NASCAR Event
  • Another obfuscation involved the use of the term 'counter-insurgency'.
  • Any differences ? compared with the Protocol Obfuscation version?
  • In 1979, taking a different tack, Plain English Campaign publicly destroyed government forms as the opening move in a crusade against officialese and obfuscation.
  • Yes, it remains crucial that the power elite's obfuscations, dissimulations and inconsistencies be exposed.
  • Debate is healthy but is not to be confused with obfuscation, obstructionism or opposition for its own sake - that's not honest debate or even honest dissent.
  • Each story rested on the evidence he mined from a morass of obfuscation and denial. Times, Sunday Times
  • A masterpiece deception and obfuscation. Times, Sunday Times
  • They are good at justifying their actions with bluster and obfuscation so that it sounds like they had no choice and that ‘it was for our own good’ rather than the reality which is that it is for their own good and their egos.
  • When one attempts to extract something meaningful from this passage, one faces an uphill struggle, yet this is by no means an isolated example of such wilful obfuscation and hyperbole.
  • Bars and restaurants are often the masters of this particular dark art of obfuscation. Times, Sunday Times
  • The adjective, of course, is adminicular 'auxiliary, corroborative', which I intend to use whenever maximum obfuscation is a desideratum. ADMINICLE.
  • There is none of the deliberate obfuscation characteristic of so much architectural theory.
  • With possibly the most transparent piece of obfuscation yet seen in blogging, Rodney hints at a pending announcement, for which much backslapping, cheering and firm handshaking is called for.
  • As long as we have only one observed instance of intelligent life (or of Thomas Mallon), whether multiple instances occur is nothing more than conjecture, and any back-of-the-envelope arithmetic is obfuscation. Letters to the Editor
  • Just wait for more obfuscations replete with multisyllable jargon. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • Federal Government as well as public servants themselves is that despite the obfuscations of the truth about Open Government being handed down by some politicians, many Canberran public servants are genuinely committed to the policy and have been agitating for this sort of thing for years. ZDNet Australia
  • I regard this as a deliberate piece of obfuscation.
  • These two manage to combine the clarity of the challenge and obfuscation of their solution without pausing for breath. Times, Sunday Times
  • The big question is whether we will seize that opportunity or again let the transport debate get mired in political infighting and obfuscation.
  • Even if, like me, you tend to put the most personal details of your thoughts through a fine mesh of allusion and obfuscation, you're still putting your life online.
  • The effect of his work is not to explain anything, but rather to dramatize the purposeful obfuscation of information.
  • She made it clear police obfuscation would not be allowed to continue.
  • (Even Ike's famously rambling press-conference answers, according to his press secretary, were purposeful obfuscations rather than aphasic incompetence.) Archive 2009-01-01
  • The band's cryptic song titles provide unneeded obfuscation.
  • The identification of suspects by name provides a huge area for obfuscation.
  • Because there are all kinds of lying--deliberate obfuscation, apophasis, appeals to emotion, etc. Steve Janke and dead, sodomized hookers? Hey, I'm just sayin'.
  • We ache to get past denial and obfuscation, long to find out what this is all leading to. Times, Sunday Times
  • They have destroyed any trust they had by engaging in obfuscations, spin doctoring and denials at every turn.
  • I'm a big fan of Magic In Theory and Practice, as it's basically full of plain speaking rather than the usual Crowley clever-clever obfuscation.
  • He doesn't try to impress readers, or mistake obfuscation for profundity; he knows, on the contrary, that profundity and simplicity go hand in hand.
  • Perhaps these inconstancies are part of the book's Art - an attempt to discombobulate the audience with extreme contradictions just as the characters live in a state of perpetual untruth and obfuscation.
  • Looking back at Labour health policy now, I have to ask myself how so many of us were unable to see through the mists of what Leys and Player call the "misrepresentation, obfuscation, and deception" perpetrated by Blair, Brown, and a host of health ministers all too willing to genuflect to the market zeitgeist. The Plot Against the NHS by Colin Leys and Stewart Player – review
  • He should also be credited for avoiding obfuscation.
  • As well as live and recorded sounds, we had headphones linking us to another layer of aural obfuscation. Times, Sunday Times
  • We have come a long way from the days when central bankers relied primarily on obfuscation and mystique.
  • This is a classic example of neoconservative obfuscation.
  • The families and friends of those killed have responded bitterly to the litany of obfuscations and half-truths.
  • Over the years he has become an expert in spin, obfuscation and, most of all, fueling speculative excess.
  • He gave a more lucid exposition of the party's strategy than Bush has managed in months of obfuscation.
  • Nothing to do with the kind of sleight-of-hand obfuscation you're trying to pull here, equating "all other Democrats" with Lieberman. CT-SEN: Lieberman Won't Say Whether Dems Should Win House
  • With all our talk about design speak, crit speak, academic speak, we may have overlooked that she showed the world that she's mastered the art of obfuscation with more consequential effects.
  • Further obfuscation is caused by Sherry's eagerness to obtrude himself.
  • These two manage to combine the clarity of the challenge and obfuscation of their solution without pausing for breath. Times, Sunday Times
  • After years of denial and obfuscation, it appears that the car industry is at last waking up to the scale of the problem. Times, Sunday Times
  • Fascinating, to follow - once more - the obfuscation and fact-dodging that people like him and his acolytes engage in.

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