How To Use Oarsmanship In A Sentence

  • There is hardly any pleasure like good oarsmanship. Bog-Myrtle and Peat Tales Chiefly of Galloway Gathered from the Years 1889 to 1895
  • She was well able to estimate the distance, and could appreciate such a feat of oarsmanship, and, entirely forgetting her pain and that she was alone, she turned round as if to a crowd of spectators, and pointing at the boats she said, with sparkling eyes, Garman and Worse A Norwegian Novel
  • The groom and his men friends, being in frolicsome humour and knowing nothing whatever of oarsmanship, were playing great pranks to make the women scream at their daring. His Grace of Osmonde Being the Portions of That Nobleman's Life Omitted in the Relation of His Lady's Story Presented to the World of Fashion under the Title of A Lady of Quality
  • Ruth displayed her oarsmanship to better advantage, for the oars were lighter. Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies The Missing Pearl Necklace
  • You said that was an amply sufficient qualification, and that no aquatic reporter who respected himself and his readers, had ever so far degraded himself as to row in a boat and to place his body in any of the absurd positions which modern oarsmanship demands. Punch, Or The London Charivari, Volume 101, July 11, 1891
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  • He chaffed us about our oarsmanship in the lifeboats, saying the appearance of our oars wildly waving reminded him of the sails of a windmill. Five Months on a German Raider Being the Adventures of an Englishman Captured by the 'Wolf'
  • And in a throwback to earlier times former rowing club captain Mike will help out by teaching youngsters about the art of oarsmanship.
  • At this point he became aware of another boat making down on him, manned by three juniors, who were making up in noise and splashing what they lacked in style and oarsmanship. The Willoughby Captains
  • He perfected his oarsmanship to the point where he qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team that competed in Barcelona, Spain, in 1996.
  • This oiler, by a series of quick miracles, and fast and steady oarsmanship, turned the boat in the middle of the surf and took her safely to sea again. The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told
  • After witnessing some expert oarsmanship and several trout being landed, I quietly retired.
  • Kerala has Onam, when men in white dhotis and black bodies get into long boats and race one another with synchronised oarsmanship.
  • Thrilling finishes and some hilarious oarsmanship entertained the dozens of spectators who gathered on the shore of Windermere to watch the historic Lakeside-Gummers Howe Fell Race.

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