1. uncontrolled nodding
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How To Use nutation In A Sentence

  • In addition to the precession and nutation of the Earth's rotational axis, the Earth itself undergoes a wobble such that the crust wanders about the rotational axis with a combination of two periods and amplitudes.
  • The principal causes of the slight irregular motion known as nutation are the Sun and Moon as they continually change location relative to one another.
  • If so, the facts on circumnutation must have been communicated to Darwin some years before their publication in the "Jenaische Zeitschrift.") More Letters of Charles Darwin — Volume 2
  • “I believe that if we introduce a more tightly focused nutation cycle in our deflector shields, and channel power to the shield generators directly from the warp engines, we can produce sufficient energy for the shields to protect against contamination of the dilithium crystals.” Creative Couplings
  • The phenomenon, however, subsequently provided important evidence for Newton's theory of gravity when d'Alembert in 1749 carried out a successful derivation based on rigid body motion and a correct value of the Moon's force derived from the then recently discovered phenomenon of the nutation of the Earth. Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica
  • Amusingly the effect isn't the impressive-sounding nutation at all as a matter of definition, so no amount of calculation saves him from this boo-boo, but rather just plain polar motion. Rabett Run
  • Being unable to contain her excitement at the prospect of being walked, the dog suffers fits of sternutation whenever she sees her leash.
  • And all three forget their sectional differences in a delightful concert of sternutation.
  • In addition to this steady decrease, there are also much smaller short term (18.6 years) variations, that is also affected by Sun's gravitation in its depleting angle relative to Earth's, known as nutation. Obama near climate change accord with China, others
  • If, however, the spheres were somewhat flattened at the poles, and the axes inclined to each other, then the pull of one mass on the other would cause the polar axes to keep up a constant movement which is called nutation, or nodding. Outlines of the Earth's History A Popular Study in Physiography
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