[ UK /nˈʌmbələs/ ]
  1. too numerous to be counted
    myriad stars
    the multitudinous seas
    countless hours
    innumerable difficulties
    an infinite number of reasons
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How To Use numberless In A Sentence

  • In particular, it seems to me quite an inconclusion to give to the spirits of the dead, or to any other existences, good or evil (unless, indeed, by possibility to ourselves as magnetically and sympathetically influenced by some metaphysical potencies whereof we know next to nothing), the seemingly miraculous powers exhibited, however weakly and childishly, in numberless seances, privileged to possess among the company an ecstatic medium between (as is assumed) themselves and beings immaterial. My Life as an Author
  • It proposes a numberless succession of sons passively tormented by their fathers' ghosts.
  • Among her numberless charms is a complete absence of guile, combined with an absolutely penetrating acuity that often reveals more than she quite realizes. One Fraught Englishman
  • Her very short skirts, which are made of numberless layers of white tulle, and the top layer, which stands out almost like a wheel, is adorned with a bold lattice work of silver ruching and diamante and interlaced with a delicate tracery of pale blue. Further Pavlova
  • Not so long ago, every law library worth the name housed numberless volumes of the various law reports, federal and provincial statutes, Now, the listservs are full of notices of freebies available for the cost of shipping. Slaw
  • Nay, we have seen numberless processions of healthy kine enter our native village unheralded save by the lusty shouts of drovers, while a wretched calf, cursed by stepdame Nature with two heads, was brought to us in a triumphal car, avant-couriered by The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 03, No. 16, February, 1859
  • To the contrary, most so-called ‘breakthroughs’ rest upon immense foundations built by numberless scholars who have been cutting stones in that quarry for years.
  • Majesty Louis Philippe, his august family, and the numberless placemen and supporters of the monarchy, on the other; it was something like Thersites girding at Ajax, and piercing through the folds of the clypei septemplicis with the poisonous shafts of his scorn. The Paris Sketch Book
  • The toes are protected by numberless little strings of curled untearable paper, which, when webbed, make the sole, heel, and back of the sandal, and this is joined to the point of the shoe by a stouter cord going right round, which is also made of the same kind of twisted paper. Corea or Cho-sen The Land of the Morning Calm
  • Finally, successive planters and numberless locals got the jungle cleared; the Camellia bushes began to grow in Indian soil and the dreamed-of profits flooded in.
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