1. a small round body of protein in a cell nucleus; such organelles contain RNA and are involved in protein synthesis
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How To Use nucleolus In A Sentence

  • Indeed, RpL5 has been shown to specifically bind 5S rRNA and transport it from the nucleoplasm to the nucleolus for assembly into the 60S ribosomal subunit.
  • Do the axioms for the Shapley value or the nucleolus appeal? Archive 2009-05-01
  • The other constituents of the ovum, viz., its limiting membrane and the denser spot contained in the nucleus, called the nucleolus, are not essential to the type cell, and in fact many cells exist without them. I. Embryology. 1. The Animal Cell
  • The cell-substance is either soluble in the cytoblastem and crystallises out only when the latter is saturated with it, or it is insoluble and crystallises as soon as it is formed, according to the aforementioned laws of the crystallisation of imbibition-bodies; it forms thus one or more layers round the nucleolus, etc. Form and Function A Contribution to the History of Animal Morphology
  • This is before the nucleolus breaks up, which it does at a later stage in the first meiotic prophase. Nobel Lecture The Significance of Responses of the Genome to Challenge
  • The synthesis of ribosomes is a major cellular activity that, in eukaryotes, takes place primarily in a specialized subnuclear compartment termed the nucleolus.
  • The nucleolus is plausible because people actually come to it, and to the Shapley value, without any knowledge of game theory: TVA asked how to allocate the benefits of its dam and came up with the Shapley value, a generalized version of the Aristotelean proportionality rule that is sensitive to concerns about team play. Archive 2009-05-01
  • CELL FROM A SALAMANDER. _n_, nucleus; _n'_, nucleolus embedded in the network of chromatin threads; _k_, network of the cell external to the nucleus; _a_, attraction-sphere or archoplasm containing minute bodies called centrosomes; _cl_, membrane enclosing the cell externally, _nl_, membrane surrounding the nucleus; Young Folks' Library, Volume XI (of 20) Wonders of Earth, Sea and Sky
  • As the cells separated their chromosomes, the nucleolus also appeared to segregate asymmetrically between mother and daughter cells, with the majority in the mother.
  • The nucleolus is a dark region of chromatin, in - volved in making ribosomes. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
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