How To Use Norway maple In A Sentence

  • Mitotic inhibitors were used on seed or meristem material to produce tetraploid plants or sectors of plants of selected clones of amur maple, Norway maple, mimosa, trumpet vine, tutsan St. Johnswort, goldenraintree, privet, callery pear, and lacebark elm.
  • Eastern grey squirrels scurry up the Norway maple shading my bedroom window.
  • The Croft garden doesn't have many large trees from which we can gather more than a barrow or two of leaves, but of those we do have - rowan and Norway maple - put on a colourful show before leaf-fall.
  • Dense shade can also occur under trees with dense foliage such as Norway maples and some conifers.
  • Comparisons: The Norway maple is apt to be confused with the _sycamore maple_ (_Acer pseudoplatanus_), but differs from the latter in having a reddish bud instead of a green bud, and a close bark instead of a scaly bark. Studies of Trees

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