How To Use Northern territory In A Sentence

  • Lorraine Brown is the Speaker of the Northern Territory Parliament.
  • During 1870 some 3000 sheep from the Lake Hope Area in South Australia were overlanded to the Northern Territory, for the men working on the line at Roper River, by Ralph and John Milner.
  • If you're looking for a place that makes you feel like you're in an ancient universe, then Uluru in the Northern Territory is the place for you. | Top Stories
  • Are you in favour of a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory?
  • The call of the wild, Northern Territory and Queensland have taken him to places where he has worked as a drover, horse breaker, fencing contractor, rodeo rider, tent boxer and contract musterer.
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  • In 1895, as a fifteen year old, he had experienced firsthand the rugged conditions of the outback when marooned for a month on a sandbar in the Victoria River in the Northern Territory.
  • I was brought up in the Northern Territory with Aboriginals, and many of my closest friends are indigenous.
  • By taking more than half of the area out of the Northern Territory, the main job-generating industries of the Territory, mining and pastoralism, have been seriously retarded.
  • The Daly is a large tidal river that drains a vast area of the Northern Territory westward into Anson Bay and the Timor Sea beyond.
  • Coastal plains of the Northern Territory below the Gulf Fall and Uplands are vegetated by woodlands of Darwin stringybark (Eucalyptus tetrodonta), while the Fall is covered by open eucalypt woodlands including Darwin box (E. tectifica) and long-fruited bloodwood (Corymbia polycarpa). Carpentaria tropical savanna
  • The Northern Territory flag ushered in the flag design type of "Australia Pale" where the dominant image on the canton is the Southern Cross. Cam Riley
  • The death of a police officer in the Northern Territory will be the subject of a coronial investigation. Latest News - Yahoo!7 News
  • Dr Bill Griffiths is director of the Northern Territory Catholic Education Office, which has schools in five major Indigenous communities and two outstations.
  • However, an inquiry by the Museum of the Northern Territory exonerated her.
  • Variation in vertebrate species composition across the environmental range occupied by lancewood vegetation in the Northern Territory. Victoria Plains tropical savanna
  • Development plans call for Inpex to build a $20 billion liquefaction plant near Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory to process natural gas piped from Ichthys, which is located in the Browse Basin off the coast of Western Australia state. Inpex Plans $6 Billion Fund Raising
  • Conservation Foundation believes a station in the Northern Territory could be the location of Australia's first - Articles related to Germany "irritated" by EU approach to Opel rescue plan (Roundup)
  • He spent three years travelling around the Northern Territory capturing the moments of mateship, passion and kinship during the games.
  • The capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin is on the north-westerly tip of Australia and was strategically situated for maintaining a supply route and a stop-off base for armed forces heading into the Pacific Theatre.
  • In the space of 24 hours 134.6 mm of rain fell at Tindal airbase, Northern Territory. Weatherwatch: Cyclone Grant hits the north coast of Australia
  • If I could just interpolate there, when one sees the definition of act in the Northern Territory Code, the way in which it is expressed is: in relation to an accused person, means the deed alleged to have been done by him…
  • The rainforest element is so pronounced that Russell-Smith considered lancewood vegetation to be one of the 16 rainforest types in the Northern Territory. Victoria Plains tropical savanna
  • A smaller chain of mountains, nowhere near as tall as Zenith ran along the outer rim of the rain forest of the northern territory, separating the land of the lizards from the rest of Darikoth to the south.
  • But it should not be beyond the wit of the Government and its advisers to create an Aboriginal title to land on Aboriginal reserves in the Northern Territory.
  • Long term caravanning and holidaying is becoming increasingly popular again," he said, "which is why the Northern Territory and Western Australian results have been so incredibly strong.
  • The boy was imprisoned in the Northern Territory, which has the heaviest penalties for first-time property theft offenders.
  • Instead it will become regarded historically as a document that knowingly accelerated the demise of vernacular language usage in the Northern Territory.
  • They are all freeholds granted under specific legislation in the Northern Territory providing for living areas for the benefit of Aboriginal people.
  • The capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin is on the north-westerly tip of Australia and was strategically situated for maintaining a supply route and a stop-off base for armed forces heading into the Pacific Theatre.
  • The first application arises from an action for damages against the Northern Territory.
  • Coastal plains of the Northern Territory below the Gulf Fall and Uplands are vegetated by woodlands of Darwin stringybark (Eucalyptus tetrodonta), while the Fall is covered by open eucalypt woodlands including Darwin box (E. tectifica) and long-fruited bloodwood (Corymbia polycarpa). Carpentaria tropical savanna
  • Giles later worked on the newly discovered goldfields in the Northern Territory, but in 1874 Charles Todd requested him to overland another 5,000 sheep.
  • Schanzer's language bias is clearly demonstrated when he says that the "United Nations General Assembly partition plan ... endowed the Palestinian Arabs with a state that included an expanded Gaza strip, the West Bank, and much of the northern territory. [emphasis added]" How considerate for sure, to be "endowed" with only portions of your own homeland, while a minority of the population, immigrants at that, is given a majority of the land. Book Review - Hamas vs. Fatah
  • This billabong is part of the Mary River in the Top End of the Northern Territory.
  • Other species with notable disjunct distributions on the Pellew Islands include the canefield rat (Rattus sordidus) (the only known occurrence in the Northern Territory), the vulnerable Carpentarian pseudantechinus (Pseudantechinus mimulus), brush-tailed phascogale (Phascogale tapoatafa) and northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus). Carpentaria tropical savanna
  • Woodside Petroleum says it will pursue gas markets in the Northern Territory and boost exploration spending in Australia and abroad as domestic oil and condensate fields move into decline.
  • The too-muchness, like the too-longness, befits the Northern Territory's vastness. 'Australia': down-under and over the top
  • In 1995 Australia's Northern Territory legalized physician-assisted suicide; however, this law was struck down by the Australian Supreme Court in 1997.
  • The Northern Territory is the only region where Aborigines have comprehensive land rights, granted almost by accident 30 years ago. Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque
  • For less than a year it was legalised by statute in the Northern Territory of Australia.
  • Still, the prospect of turning up in Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory, at the ungodly hour of 4am provoked anxiety.
  • I notice, for example, that the eastern-most boundary of the lake comes very close to the border with the Northern Territory.
  • In the Northern Territory the Federal government confined its agricultural activities mainly to administration and experiment.
  • I've had a look at the Northern Territory Treasury's half-yearly review of the fiscal situation, and I've uncovered from that, that there's three major policy initiatives since the last budget.
  • He was cleaning weeds out of billabongs up in the Northern Territory when he was a teenager.
  • During the World Cup soccer series, the cattlemen and stockmen in Queensland and the Northern Territory cheered throughout for South Korea to win!
  • In 1997, he initiated federal legislation to override another self-governing territory, killing off a Northern Territory law allowing voluntary euthanasia .
  • Northern Territory News reported that a three-metre "saltie" spied on a group of fishermen before tucking into the shark they had just reeled in. The Guardian World News
  • Thinking honeyeater: nectar maps for the Northern Territory, Australia, showing spatial and temporal variation in nectar availability. Arnhem Land tropical savanna
  • I think agriculture is still in a risky stage; there's been agricultural stations, research stations come and go in the Northern Territory.
  • Her reluctant guide through the vast, unforgiving terrain of the Northern Territory is the Drover (Hugh Jackman), a rough-hewn cattleman as rugged as Sarah is refined. The IESB
  • On the one hand, there is the jural discourse in terms of which Aboriginal citizens of the Northern Territory may enter claims to be recognised as traditional owners of estates in tracts of previously unalienated Crown land.
  • It's just that the Northern Territory is the first and foremost tidal energy site in Australia. Latest News - Yahoo!7 News
  • South Australia and the Northern Territory are the only two jurisdictions in which ALP governments have allowed uranium mining. The Australian | News |
  • Doug Taylor, who works at the Northern Territory Park, told the prince that the witchetty grubs, found in the roots of the Acacia bush, had to be eaten head first to stop their tails moving.
  • However, the project's remote location near the triple junction of Western Australia state, South Australia and the Northern Territory means a mine will be expensive to develop. Samsung Mulls Australian Mine Project
  • In 1825 the area occupied today by the Northern Territory was part of the colony of New South Wales.
  • The Northern Territory has plentiful resources of renewable energy, solar, wind, wave, tidal.
  • There does not seem to be any doubt, whatsoever, that the Northern Territory legislature is trying to reduce the degree of debate and disputation by drafting section 31 in the way it did and by defining those terms in the way it did.
  • Mr. Ludwig is scheduled to meet cattle producers for talks in Darwin in the Northern Territory on Wednesday and Mount Isa in Queensland on Thursday, a spokeswoman said. Indonesia Abattoirs Bar Australian Veterinarians
  • It was established late in the 1800s as a watering point for cattle being driven overland to markets in Queensland and to other areas within the Northern Territory.
  • Acacia oligophleba is a multistemmed large shrub or small tree from warm to hot, subtropical to semi-arid, zones of northwestern Queensland and Northern Territory. Chapter 48

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