How To Use Normaliser In A Sentence

  • This need to deliver exceptionally high quality audio was the rationale behind the Selangor Turf Club's recent purchase of a Jünger Audio d06 Level Magic processor, a two channel digital non destructive loudness normaliser that provides high quality, automatic control of loudness on any incoming source, regardless of its input level. UK Regional Film and Television News
  • Voorsitter - kommersiële boere het 'n belangrike rol te speel in grondhervorming - eerstens - om betrokke te wees in die opheffing van nuwe opkomende boere d.m.v. mentorskappe - en tweedens om grondhervorming te sien as' n stap in die normalisering van verhoudings en goeie buurmanskap in Suid Afrika. African National Congress Parliamentary Caucus
  • Heaven forbid you exist as a woman of color and decide to allow your experience to shape your world view when everyone knows that whiteness is the great normaliser. Archive 2009-06-01
  • Digestive effects: The roots of Plumbago zeylanica were found to stimulate the proliferation of coliform bacteria in mice and act as an intestinal flora normaliser. Find Me A Cure
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