How To Use Norfolk island pine In A Sentence

  • There are hedges of pittosporum, arbors veiled by passion-flowers, and two of that most beautiful of all living trees, the _araucaria_, or Norfolk Island pine, -- one specimen being some eighty feet high, and said to be the tallest north of the equator. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 06, No. 37, November, 1860
  • Blainey suggested that bases were established at both Sydney and Norfolk Island in 1788 because New Zealand flax and Norfolk Island pine could provide ropes, sailcloth, and masts for the British navy.
  • Galahs and lorikeets are shrilling and squawking over their territory in the old Norfolk Island pines and everyone is glad that night, finally, has rescued us from the sun's brutal strength.
  • By the late 1870s, eucalyptus, Norfolk Island pine, bamboo, and banana had all run riot.
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