How To Use Nonthermal In A Sentence

  • Many types of nonthermal escape involve ions.
  • There's no smoking gun out there saying there's a nonthermal effect - we haven't found it, SFGate: Top News Stories
  • nonthermal luminescence
  • Much like the spread of laser technology from research and surgical applications to routine clinical and consumer uses, plasma could change everything; especially since nonthermal plasmas don't harbor the risks of tissue burns and eye damage that lasers do, he said. - latest science and technology news stories
  • Cold plasma's I assume you mean the equally non sequitur*, nonthermal plasma are just an unsophisticated joke! Hot Crescent Rolls… A Bubble? | Universe Today
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  • What sort of engineering wizardry could produce an item that could generate a nonthermal stunner that worked on almost any life-form with no major aftereffects and a thermal beam, useful for heating up rocks or cups of coffee when set on low and hot enough to cut through starship hulls on high and a deathray, leaving an unscorched corpse for relatives to weep over and a no-mess no-fuss hygieno-disintegrator, causing its victims to glow red and simply vanish, leaving behind no searing-hot clouds of remains, organic or otherwise? Creative Couplings
  • Influence of nonthermal baroreceptor modulation of heat loss responses during uncompensable heat stress. SpaceRef Top Stories
  • Rentals cape town gay men gelid dastardliness initiative grammatic unawed propelling is the gay authoress casting that is a peripatopsis of antiphonal men from all logically the nonthermal, colonic and pop sempstress, flimsiness and clethrionomys. Rational Review

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