How To Use Nonpareil In A Sentence

  • I began to suspect as much when I went shopping for storage containers to hold my jars of jimmies, nonpareils, sanding sugars, edible glitter, and three different sizes of silver and gold dragees.
  • Capers range from about the size of petite green peas - called "nonpareil," a product of France - to almost twice that size. Latest Headlines
  • His status as the nonpareil of his generation may seem so much a given by now that references to it are unnecessary. Times, Sunday Times
  • Down the hill is a nonpareil collection of Eskimo, Tlingit, Haida, and other native art at the Alaska Scaling Alaska's Heights
  • Of course you would say that Tara, you're a nonpareil in school!
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  • Tristan and Isolde could not understand how their moment of nonpareil bliss might sustain a lifetime's happiness in the everyday world.
  • Imagine a cuisine that carries an nonpareil aroma of Portugal, covered with exotic Indian spices and soaked in the inescapable katzenjammer of Goa's favourite drink.
  • Two years ago, Rothbart took this lifelong hobby and turned it into a nonpareil magazine.
  • Watching him translate for his father, Kyle seems unfazed about his nonpareil ability, remaining nonchalant to the film crew buzzing round him.
  • More or less arbitrary names -- such as minion, bourgeois, brevier, and nonpareil, -- were formerly used; but what is called the point-system is now practically universal, although its unit, the "point," is not everywhere the same. A Librarian's Open Shelf
  • The key to its success was Mohanlal, an actor nonpareil, in the central role of a low-caste artist who transcends his origins, only to be felled by the love of a princess.
  • This woman possessed a funk that was nonpareil in its fetidity. Lionel: Olfactory Terror at 36K Feet
  • I haven't spent much time at the AMC Monsterfest Blog since the suits gave badboy nonpareil Scooter McCrae the heeb-ho for writing something topical... but the Powers That Beatch over there have had the uncommon good sense to bring Final Girl's Stacie Ponder onboard a month of maniacal musings. Stacie in your facie!
  • the team's nonpareil center fielder
  • The nonpareil recording, a flirty and spontaneous duet between Elis Regina and Jobim himself, makes more sense to me in Portugese.
  • As to this nonpareil of lovely flesh and blood, her name was Lucy Mainspring, the daughter of a horologer, sir, -- a watchmaker -- _vulgo_ so called -- and though fattish, she was very fair -- fair! by Jupiter, (craving your honour's pardon for swearing,) she fairly made me give all other thoughts the cut, and twisted the passions of my heart with the red-hot torturing irons of love. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 12, No. 339, November 8, 1828
  • The name Pat Cash still conjures images of a fighter nonpareil and of an untiring athlete overreaching physical limits to reach his target.
  • Having just won the US Open, Tom Watson was the nonpareil of golf when he came to Scotland to a course that was staging its first Open as a Royal club.
  • For some reason, he failed to mention the nonpareil: Nelson Algren.
  • Even Bryan Singer cites Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon as the inspiration for his nonpareil take on the thriller in The Usual Suspects.
  • Cisco, the nonpareil of networking equipment makers and at one time the sine qua non of tech stocks is feeling the pinch.
  • In the week a new, bold young Masters champion has been anointed I am reminded of a piece I never tire of quoting by Alistair Cooke in these very pages half a century ago, about another Bobby, another courtly nonpareil, Bobby Jones, who inspired the very foundation of the Masters at Augusta in 1934. My dream job as Bobby Moore's minder for a fortnight | Frank Keating
  • DadBoner, who is either a real person or a profound literary construction, the despondent American post-marriage male persona nonpareil, Homer Simpson's Kafkaesque better. Aaron Belz: Literary Twitter: @DadBoner
  • Love it.staceyc• Twitter is the crystal meth of social notworking, the time-vampire nonpareil. Letters to MediaGuardian
  • The current nonpareil of the genre is the mammoth bestseller He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys.
  • For warmth and comfort nonpareil, try on these.
  • But the one instrument on which he was nonpareil was the harmonica, which he mastered himself.
  • In fact, as other articles pointed out, our -- as no fitting word has been found for it, let's go with -- withdrawal was a magnificent feat of reverse engineering, worthy of a force that was a nonpareil on the planet. Tom Engelhardt: Debacle!
  • My greatest discovery on this front has been Vida Vida's stupendous leather weekend bag, aka the nonpareil of luggagery £195, . - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • Smith had acknowledged this in his "True Relation," where he referred to her as the "nonpareil" of Captain John Smith
  • Murray used four bold fonts: a large-face bold Egyptian, a large-face lighter Egyptian, a small-face lighter Egyptian – all cast on brevier (about 7½ pt) and a nonpareil bold (about 6 pt). Not Just a Pretty Face: The Contribution of Typography to Lexicography
  • Of course, Jordan's past marketing successes in many ways, went hand-in-hand with his status as an athlete nonpareil.
  • Throughout, Sclavis manages to combine an impressive variety of styles, genres and influences, creating a nonpareil experience for the listener.
  • This paper remains a nonpareil platform for writing a column — not just for its readership, but also for its journalistic freedom.
  • It is the nonpareil of summer racing at elite level. Times, Sunday Times
  • On the upside, he has room to strut his nonpareil axe work, but the orchestra isn't so much an effective foil as an amenable supporter.

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