How To Use Nonexistence In A Sentence

  • Allow me to briefly divagate here on the nonexistence of abortion as an option in Knocked Up. Feministing: June 2007 Archives
  • His characters are often marginal to the point of near nonexistence, Beckett's clochards with backstories, Conrad's adventurers in a shabbier key.
  • In a fundamental way, they're right: Even if science cannot prove negatives like the nonexistence of God, it does provide an alternative framework for understanding the universe that doesn't require divine inspiration. Cody Gault: America's Creationism Problem
  • There are space and time , and then, there are and death, existence and nonexistence.
  • This cessation itself, although something effected, is of the nature of that kind of nonexistence which results from the destruction of something existent, and as such does not pass away. The Vedanta-Sutras with the Commentary by Ramanuja — Sacred Books of the East, Volume 48
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  • Fourth, this person perceives both existence and nonexistence.
  • For when you are dead, you are in a state of blissful nonexistence; and in nonexistence is non-knowing. FAITHLESS: TALES OF TRANSGRESSION
  • You don't like these, I'm more than certain, but your displeasure is not the same as their nonexistence. Bunny and a Book
  • The aesthetics at that time is not only a creative process from nonexistence to ens but also a smelting process from indraught to assimilation and it even tried to construct its own system.
  • Drag Me to Hell is uninterested in the existence or nonexistence of demons; it is merely interested in mocking them, a not altogether impious enterprise: the humorous devil character -- along with the humorous mummery used to dispel him -- appears in the Book of Tobit. Movie Review: Drag Me to Hell
  • A proof of the nonexistence of any particular finite sequence of digits in its decimal expansion would have as a corollary that pi is not normal. The Volokh Conspiracy » Pi Day
  • These constraints arise from the non-existence of a perfect annuity market and the nonexistence of perfect rental and mortgage markets.
  • *** And, when one reads Berlin's qualified praise of Herzen, it's easy to see how he became central to Stoppard's three plays: "Herzen does at least face genuine political problems, such as the incompatibility of unlimited personal liberty with either social equality, or the minimum of social organization and authority; the need to sail precariously between the Scylla of individualist 'atomization' and the Charybdis of collectivist oppression; the sad disparity and conflict between many, equally noble human ideals; the nonexistence of 'objective,' eternal, universal moral and political standards, to justify either coercion or resistance to it; the mirage of distant ends, and the impossibility of doing wholly without them. Stinky Inky, Part VI: Carlin Romano's April Fools' Joke on His Philadelphia Inquirer Readers
  • Of course, the kobold’s nonexistence is no reason to stop playing the game … Matthew Yglesias » The New Atheism
  • Therefore, nonexistence possibly enters a thing with and only the nonexistence can penetrate through it.
  • We have seen that, for Edgeworth, ‘some other society’ might entail banishment to some unprogressive country; a darker interpretation is one of nonexistence.
  • It was a matter of existence and nonexistence for her, which was a new and qualmy sensation. Roc and a Hard Place
  • Then we discuss nonexistence of weak solutions for some partial differential inequalities on H type groups.
  • Moreover, everything is devoid of all four extreme modes of impossible existence: true existence – the eternalist position, total nonexistence – the nihilist position, both – from one point of view eternalist, from another nihilist, neither – from one point of view, a manner of existence that is not eternalist; from another viewpoint, one that is not nihilist either. 6 Gelug Presentation of Tantra in General
  • I'm tired with all these liars telling me that atheism is a belief in "nonexistence" etc. Atheist Blogs Aggregated
  • We show that nonexistence theorems for continuous surjections between continua and related results extend to almost continuous functions.
  • Dr. Madden left her, telling her that she was not pregnant, and when she reappeared at his office in a few days, he reassured her of the nonexistence of pregnancy; she became very indignant, triumphantly squeezed lactescent fluid from her breasts, and, insisting that she could feel fetal movements, left to seek a more sympathetic accoucheur. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
  • Terrorists were a victim of their own success on 9/11; I think a big factor in the nonexistence/infrequency of attacks on American soil is that they feel like it has to be an impressive attack. Matthew Yglesias » The Conservative Terror Timeline
  • She was generally pretty happy in the material world, so I could see how this next phase of her existence, or nonexistence, would be a good one. So Much Pretty
  • Terrorists were a victim of their own success on 9/11; I think a big factor in the nonexistence/infrequency of attacks on American soil is that they feel like it has to be an impressive attack. Matthew Yglesias » The Conservative Terror Timeline
  • We can think simultaneously of opposites (e.g. existence and nonexistence, round and angular), and these opposites must be simultaneously present in our consciousness, for otherwise we could not compare them, nor perceive and declare their oppositeness. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman

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