How To Use Nonequivalent In A Sentence

  • The research method used for system assessment is quasi - experimental design. The experiment adopts nonequivalent - control group design.
  • Do we, perhaps, need multiple definitions (some of which are nonequivalent) to adequately characterize such complex and intricate behavior? Chaos
  • Moreover, they support a model in which Rpt subunits bind to dedicated sites on the proteasome and play specific, nonequivalent roles in the asymmetric assembly and Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue
  • A psychosemantics such as Dretske's (1986) that makes essential reference to function might therefore distinguish representata here. (iv) To the extent that each creature's two eyes differ functionally from each other, the creature has two different and nonequivalent visual systems. Representational Theories of Consciousness
  • The Moslem's "Wa'lláhi" must not be rendered "By God," a verbal translation and an absolute nonequivalent; the terms Jehovah, Allah and God and the use of them involving manifold fine distinctions. Arabian nights. English
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  • No, moral equivalency is taking two separate unlike things and attempting to make them equivalent in order to excuse nonequivalent behaviour. Jesse Jackson, Day 2.
  • An unusual DNA strand-segregation model was proposed recently to explain development of lateralized, nonequivalent brain hemispheres in healthy individuals.
  • Differences in the mechanical response of the two nonequivalent adatoms of the Si (111) - (7×7) with the load applied is also detected. Next Big Future

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