How To Use Noncompliant In A Sentence

  • I countered, soon becoming the stereotypical "noncompliant" black woman. Archive 2007-11-01
  • Pet cheap plymouth hotels are disenchanted to refrigeration the medroxyprogesterone for pet phlogopite as the ingratitude of noncompliant for a pet are piggyback agamogenetic than june padding. Rational Review
  • People who can’t make the changes that promise the hope of improvement are called noncompliant and irrational. After the Diagnosis
  • Your father denies his Polish ancestry, since Poland is still a noncompliant nation, and under international sanction because of it.
  • The patient feels unimportant and stubborn, and [is] ultimately noncompliant.
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  • Conscious, alert, and in charge of my own health care here at home, I can weigh all the factors and adjust medication that prevents plugs, refuse meds if I don't need or want them, ask for suction, request more or less water in my cuff -- all without being institutionally "noncompliant" or having something decided without my input or consent. Anniversary -- Escaping institutionalization
  • We have all encountered demanding, noncompliant, drug-seeking, angry, or needy patients in our clinical practice. These patients are sometimes referred to as a psychiatrist's worst nightmare.
  • You also need to make sure that you do not sneak a noncompliant object through your interface using polymorphism .
  • The Russians and Chinese are more reluctant than the Americans to pursue sanctions and other coercive tactics against noncompliant states.
  • It is putting pressure on the government to speed up enforcement action against noncompliant disposers and managers of waste.
  • The boss, a really patient sort, asks you to 'think different' about all these 'noncompliant' customers, each of whom has an iTunes account backed by a credit card, and has developed the habit (encouraged by Apple) of paying for content. Apple's iPad war on Adobe and Flash
  • We don't always get the appropriate advice and necessary care, and because so many healthcare workers immediately assume that we're "noncompliant," they treat us very defensively, and we in turn, react accordingly. What Happened to the "Care" in Healthcare? Cautionary Tales for All Women, Especially Black Women
  • Having said that, what we're seeing are major land and air strikes, coordinated precision strikes against what the Army is calling noncompliant groups. CNN Transcript Nov 17, 2003
  • Architects will continue to face liability for noncompliant designs, even if the Supreme Court ultimately decides in their favor.
  • If just one story about a costly quarantine ( of ISPM 15 noncompliant cargo ) gets in the press, it could be a real threat to the wood pallet industry.

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