How To Use Noncandidate In A Sentence

  • The biggest noncandidate of all, Mario Cuomo, hasn't changed his mind, aides say. Waiting In The Wings?
  • Newt was invited as a noncandidate celebrity, paid nothing and stole the show. President Newt?
  • It was unusual for the Secret Service to be protecting a noncandidate for president, but in light of the Kennedy history, and the current wave of violence, Hill thought, perhaps this made sense. The Kennedy Detail
  • As a result, he has been able to promote his positions and raise money through his Web site, all while technically remaining a noncandidate. . . Archive 2007-08-01
  • LEMON (voice-over): President Bush is the most prominent noncandidate. CNN Transcript Jan 22, 2007
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  • Colin Powell did a revolutionary thing last week, his first as an official noncandidate. Stalking The Radical Middle
  • But the more visibly available noncandidate candidate is Cuomo. Now It's 'Don Quixote' Cuomo
  • While only 36 percent said they were not satisfied with the announced candidates and would "like to see more candidates," 48 percent named at least one noncandidate they would like to see run. HuffPost-Patch GOP Power Outsiders Satisfied With Their Choices
  • But the polling orgs will continue including him - resulting in a noncandidate in the "top 3. Election Central Sunday Roundup
  • DES MOINES, Iowa -- As a noncandidate, Fred Thompson could command the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to deliver his political message. Thompson Campaign Fades in Iowa

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