How To Use Non-issue In A Sentence

  • Come on in and watch Phillies-Dodgers. yankeesfeed NLCS Game 5: Must win for Torre and the Dodgers petrbuben Manny Ramirez's showering is a non-issue for Casey Blake ana Hoping for a Yankees-Dodgers World Series yzarnotegui Tony It's time for Dodgers Baseball! luken7 Anthony Off to watch and pray for the Dodgers, hoping for Torre's return to "New" Yankee Stadium. jark The Dodgers need to pull it together tonight. Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7
  • Dr. Ian Munro, President of Cantox co-authored by review (along with NutraSweet employees) of aspartame calling aspartame toxicity a "non-issue. Banning the Neurotoxic Carcinogenic Aspartame in Hawaii? Health Director Relies on Ajinomoto funded Toxicology "Report"
  • You might think, therefore, that feminists could dismiss it with relief as a non-issue.
  • She said that she was not, but that it would have been something of a non-issue, because most felonies in those days were crimes punished by death.
  • On the contrary, many people who have no quarrel with having liquor served with meals often treat the matter as a non-issue.
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  • In normal circumstances, perhaps I would agree that it should be a non-issue.
  • It has brought humanity closer by making distance a non-issue, freedom of choice a reality and the conveyance of ideas, more precise.
  • For me it's a non-issue as much as we'd love him to stay in Australia," said Andrew Fagan, apparently bidding au revoir to the Wallaby playmaker. Exodus of Wallabies set to follow Matt Giteau to Europe
  • They just find some non-issues to attack each other with, lest the voters get confused as to who is who.
  • Deformity of the pellet is a good thing to broaden wound channel and transfer energy to the squirrel but even that is a non-issue at this speed. Which is the better Gamo Pellet for squirrel hunting? Magnum Pellets, or Hunter Pellets.
  • If people want to find our work out there and share it on peer-to-peer networks, it's really a non-issue to us.
  • Sure, all of the “educated”, “middle class” “Guardian” “readers” who pat themselves on the back because they ‘get’ Chris Morris, think that the word cunt is a non-issue and probably deal with the word in a ‘been there, done that’ detachedness. C.U.Next Tuesday - :: gia’s blog ::
  • Also, being a firefox add-on, platform compatability/should/be a non-issue Software Freedom Day Talk : KillerCodingNinjaBunny
  • Some issues are non-issues driven by misinformation, incorrect interpretation or bad communication.
  • I am sure none of the Hindus think that such non-issues are more important than what really matters.
  • Ask an average person in Mumbai their opinion on this issue, and they are likely to say that it is a non-issue.
  • The conclusion was that media was creating an issue out of a non-issue.
  • These non-issues being given prominence by the GOP is the reason that the GOP deserves to be in the ashbin of history. Thompson Suggests Obama Doesn't Oppose Infanticide
  • The rise of genetic engineering - with its capacity to filter out genetic defects in children - has in fact really made the matter a non-issue.
  • But it's a complete non-issue among politicians and journalists alike.
  • His youth becomes a complete non-issue literally from the get-go, as he displays incredible chops on both acoustic and electric guitar and on the piano.
  • Others say the decline in intermarriage is a non-issue. Influx of Immigrants Alters Mating Game | Impact Lab
  • Are these non-issues or something John would prefer to gloss over?
  • The only issues that are tackled here are the non-issues.
  • I haven't said much about this, because it is a total non-issue.
  • Why chase non-issues when there are much more serious matters at hand?
  • While diversity may be high on the list of the more "social-minded" managers, don't ever expect to sit at the executive table if you emphasize issues (or non-issues) such as this.
  • Six of their final seven games are inside a dome, making winter weather a non-issue.
  • Like all his failed projects, it has become a non-issue.
  • By making issues non-issues, the novel lacks a punch, and the characters remain partially inflated.
  • They would have been little non-issues on any other days.
  • However, the "carpetbagging" issue is now a non-issue, as both Essel and Krekorian lived outside the district at the start of the campaign. Archive 2009-10-01
  • The knee-jerk reaction as expected from a right-wing extremist like Inhofe to focus on a non-issue like gays in the military. Inhofe comes out against Kagan
  • He looks like he is demagoguing a non-issue.
  • If performance parity is achieved, then moving to new core logic and memory is a non-issue, and it's easy to justify adopting those other neat new features.
  • The release of 50-year-old secret papers detailing the way they were gulled into taking part in nuclear and biological warfare tests has, if anything, aggravated resentment over the non-issue of a national service medal.
  • One of these is handled well, and ends up being a non-issue, because it's fully integrated into the script, used to define and develop character.
  • Avoid cruel and violent people, as they tend to take up cudgels with you on non-issues.
  • But of course, falin-palin likes to make an issue out of what is a non-issue for everyone else. Palin slams 'sexist' Newsweek cover
  • And that can happen because the entire issue is a non-issue, one that ought to be set aside.
  • The best way to dodge pressing and challenging issues is to get the people fixated on non-issues.
  • On the contrary, many people who have no quarrel with having liquor served with meals often treat the matter as a non-issue.
  • You trying to cover these non-issue stories to cover for bo is like me trying to cover an huge oil spill with a single rag. Sanford impeachment unlikely, state legislators say
  • With significantly lower prices, replacement becomes a non-issue.
  • Sure, all of the “educated”, “middle class” “Guardian” “readers” who pat themselves on the back because they ‘get’ Chris Morris, think that the word cunt is a non-issue and probably deal with the word in a ‘been there, done that’ detachedness. C.U.Next Tuesday - :: gia’s blog ::
  • Granted, it was a time when the graduation rate was a non-issue and the term achievement gap had yet to be coined. ArtsJournal: Daily Arts News
  • Teams have joked that winter orienteering is a non-issue because all you need to do is follow the course-setter or leader's tracks.
  • I may be somewhat easy, but I am not without a modicum of self respect. watch me as I choose to sleep with an uneducated redneck over you, simply on the grounds that he's too much of a gentleman to say such things in my general vicinity. that in itself makes the 30-minute drive a non-issue. your pool table and your parents 'money do nothing for me the way his shitty crack shack does. silly little fuckwit. speaking of fuckwits, isn't it funny how WRITING the word fuckwit is so much more funny than SAYING it? go on! say it! isn't it weird and retarded? ps: the funk is gone. Dragonwench Diary Entry
  • In politics issues are created out of non-issues.

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