How To Use Noiselessly In A Sentence

  • Turning quickly and noiselessly in the direction from which the sound seemed to have come, he found himself in an instant in a thick and beautiful bosquet. Calvert of Strathore
  • At length he softly rose and crept noiselessly to the door; the fastening was the primitive latch with a string attached; it opened without a sound in his cautious handling, and he found himself in the pitchy darkness outside, the wild mountain wind whirling about him, and the rain descending in steady torrents. Down the Ravine
  • The big lead wheel, with the bearings of antifriction metal, was spinning around swiftly and noiselessly. Dick Hamilton's Airship, or, a Young Millionaire in the Clouds
  • This virtual web server sturdiness diploidy your rutherfordium off with hot dextrose, leader, orthodontic succory, fatalistic christ, and noiselessly. Rational Review
  • My reverie was soon broken by the sight of an exceptionally beautiful woman gliding noiselessly past me, on the way from the lifts to the main entrance.
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  • A puddock sprawled noiselessly towards her.
  • I turned my head, and saw him rise from the bench, and steal out noiselessly.
  • But when they raised her from the floor they discovered the real cause of her death, for a second hamadryad, which had been concealed by her skirts, darted noiselessly under the bed. Where the Strange Trails Go Down Sulu, Borneo, Celebes, Bali, Java, Sumatra, Straits Settlements, Malay States, Siam, Cambodia, Annam, Cochin-China
  • Her painted purple lips moved noiselessly in the dark as the city was left behind.
  • Now I will have a fine surprise for her when she awakes," and the little girl tiptoed noiselessly back to the edge of the woods, where she had noticed a quantity of checkerberry leaves. A Little Maid of Old Maine
  • As she thought thus Jacqueline noiselessly opened the door of the salon, over which, on the inner side, hung a thick plush 'portiere'. The French Immortals Series — Complete
  • When he finally started to snore lightly, Heather unzipped her sleeping bag noiselessly.
  • The music, as well as his words, had floated to the deep bay window; the curtains had swiftly and noiselessly parted, and she was stealing after his retreating figure with an expression mantling her face which brought out every detail of its great beauty. A Lover in Homespun And Other Stories
  • Bloodless and bladdery things ran hither and thither noiselessly. For the term of his natural life
  • Perhaps there is a rather increased sense of power upon him as he loosely grasps one of his veinous wrists with his other hand and holding it behind his back walks noiselessly up and down. Bleak House
  • Trembling with fear and distrust of the palefaces, my teeth chattering from the chilly ride, I crept noiselessly in my soft moccasins along the narrow hall, keeping very close to the bare wall. American Indian Stories
  • In one of the vessels behind him, as he mused, a seaman noiselessly thrust his head out at a companion to look the hour upon the town's clock, and the boy, pale, fair-haired, pondering, with eyes upon the shrouds of a gabbart, forced himself by his stillness and inaction upon the man's notice. Gilian The Dreamer His Fancy, His Love and Adventure
  • Less than half an hour later she cleaned the brush in white spirit and pressed the lid of the tin noiselessly down.
  • Hunter noiselessly opened the gate and crept quietly along the grass border of the garden path.
  • After hours of weary, cramped waiting in the machan the beautiful creature had slipped noiselessly through the undergrowth and emerged into the clearing. The Sheik
  • He pressed a button beside his phone and the audiotape hidden in his desk drawer clicked noiselessly into operation. ROUGH JUSTICE
  • Syrens whooped, steam whistles shrieked hoarsely; the raucous voices of fog-horns proclaimed the whereabouts of scores of craft, passing up and down the river; but the trim-built barge slid noiselessly along, ghost-like, in the dun-colored "smother," giving no intimation of her proximity. Golden Stories A Selection of the Best Fiction by the Foremost Writers
  • I shut the door noiselessly behind me.
  • Then turning, she saw the door shut behind her, slowly, noiselessly, but _it was shut_. Agatha's Husband A Novel
  • I noiselessly fumigate one of them; I noiselessly oxygenize the other, by means of simple apparatus fixed outside in the corner here.
  • Red Chicken, in a scarlet pareu fastened tightly about his loins, stood at the prow when we had reached his favorite spot off a point of land, while I, with a paddle, 10 noiselessly kept the canoe as stationary as possible. Story Hour Readings: Seventh Year
  • Mira watched in shock as his grip loosed, and he slid noiselessly to the floor, his mouth open in a surprised ‘oh’.
  • During our passage in the track-schuyt I had an evidence to the contrary, for as we glided noiselessly and almost imperceptibly along, a lady told me that she infinitely preferred the three-horse power of the schuyt to the hundred-horse power of the steam-packet. Olla Podrida
  • Looking upwards - in the far distance, the huge jets were dreamily and noiselessly drifting towards Heathrow.
  • The expression "tiptoed" is here used to indicate the extreme caution of Cap'n Cod's entrance, and his evident desire to effect it as noiselessly as possible. Raftmates A Story of the Great River
  • A party of us embarked in a sort of light boat called a caique, than which no species of vessel, save the gondola, cuts more softly and noiselessly through the waters. Journal of a Visit to Constantinople and Some of the Greek Islands in the Spring and Summer of 1833
  • Now, the jinrikisha is exactly the vehicle in which one would expect to ride in this land of fairy children – large perambulators that hold one person comfortably; but instead of being trundled from behind by a white-capped nursemaid, one of the Henry II. gentlemen, who wears also straw sandals and an enormous blue mushroom hat on his head, ensconces himself between the little shafts in front and prances noiselessly away with it. In Seven Stages: A Flying Trip Around the World
  • It was finally decided that there should be a quiet little prayer-meeting in the room where the women sat, in behalf of Mr. 'Lihu's soul; but before all the preliminary steps had been taken, and the men and youth noiselessly ingathered, Mr.' Lihu's breathing had ceased, without a parting pang or gasp, and the tide was at its full. Cape Cod Folks
  • Slowly and noiselessly, Justine pulled a little circle of wood away from the wall, revealing a little eyehole.
  • He quit a phrase midmost to listen to the something new he heard in her voice, then slid noiselessly across the room to join Leo at full length on the bearskin. CHAPTER XXIII
  • The motor has been engineered to run noiselessly.
  • He entered noiselessly, for his boots were rubbered against damp, and sat down at the point of balance. Swan Song
  • The doors had been hung perfectly, each one swinging effortlessly and noiselessly and fitting perfectly into its frame.
  • I shut the door noiselessly behind me.
  • John, stalking solemnly and noiselessly in a long black coat, himself led the two women to the bedroom, where he left them; they sat down one on each side of the great fourposter. Australia Felix

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