no more

  1. not now
    she is no more
  2. referring to the degree to which a certain quality is present
    he was no heavier than a child
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How To Use no more In A Sentence

  • So spake he, and Athene was mightily angered at heart, and chid Odysseus in wrathful words: ‘Odysseus, thou hast no more steadfast might nor any prowess, as when for nine whole years continually thou didst battle with the Trojans for high born Helen, of the white arms, and many men thou slewest in terrible warfare, and by thy device the wide-wayed city of Priam was taken. Book XXII
  • Again wear rubber gloves and repeat the treatment until the wood can absorb no more.
  • Finally, in the formation of an opinion as to the abstract preferableness of one course of action over another, or as to the truth or falsehood or right significance of a proposition, the fact that the majority of one's contemporaries lean in the other direction is naught, and no more than dust in the balance. On Compromise
  • Although the World Cup is all encompassing at the moment, when it comes to sport there is no more spine-tingling moment than when 65,000 fans at Murrayfield sing ‘Flower of Scotland’.
  • We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it. 
  • It is no more a sign of weakness to change leadership in wartime if success depends on it than it is to remove a baseball pitcher who is getting shelled in order to prevent the game from becoming hopelessly lost.
  • But what excites me most is that the coffee shop has plug sockets - no more dying gadgets for me. The Sun
  • No more brown and white tiles or horrendous cheapo panelling, please.
  • `Then apparently James needs no more stiffening in his collar," Aubrey murmured. THE LAST RAVEN
  • Folks may crow all they want about the roar of Niagara or the growlin’ of the sea—but give me a splendacious peal o’ stormbrewed thunder and your other nat’ral music is no more than a penny whistle is to a church organ! Nevermore
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