[ UK /nˈɪpɪŋ/ ]
[ US /ˈnɪpɪŋ/ ]
  1. pleasantly cold and invigorating
    a nipping wind
    crisp clear nights and frosty mornings
    snappy weather
    a nippy fall day
  2. capable of wounding
    a biting aphorism
    a barbed compliment
    pungent satire
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How To Use nipping In A Sentence

  • I couldn't swear to it, what with scissors snipping and buzzers buzzing, but I think the young lad was asking his dad why you still needed a haircut when you were going bald.
  • As the beauticians of the city watched in attention, her fingers moved nimbly showcasing the latest in hairstyling, colouring and snipping techniques.
  • Professor Weiss, a psychologist at Jena University, believes the brain quickly learns to connect words like 'crampy' and 'nipping' with sensations of pain. Home | Mail Online
  • I was surprised how weak and light-headed I felt on nipping out of my hospital bed to recover a dropped book.
  • Fine if you're just nipping in for a wazz; but anyone who comes in, drops their trousers and sits on the bog will be plunged into darkness before they've finished.
  • My mare rolled over and over in the wet grass and was playful with the gelding, nipping at his hocks and tempting him to chase her.
  • Lucius pulls him close, nipping at his throat, tasting of sunlight and colour.
  • Except for once. 3 crows after a redtail, one was nipping at its tail. All hunters have seen crows go after a hawk.
  • I put a drop noseband or something similar on the horse to stabilize his jaw so that the game of nipping or mouthing me just never even gets started.
  • Their pleasures gave but a pinchbeck joviality after all, were but a thin lacker spread over mercenary cares and heart-aching jealousies -- not the jealousies of passion, but the nipping vulgar vexation with which a shopkeeper trembles lest a customer should go to his rival over the way. Modern Women and What is Said of Them A Reprint of A Series of Articles in the Saturday Review (1868)
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