How To Use Niner In A Sentence

  • During the great California gold rush of 1849, thousands of forty-niners made fortunes mining gold.
  • J.D. Borthwick, an English visitor, was amused at the swaggering style of the forty-niners.
  • It was the grape of choice to slake the thirst of forty-niners.
  • The Rams acted as facilitators, helping the Niners' offense work on its communication skills.
  • NinerFan says: shoeless: Scott Brown is not a Liberatrian. Think Progress » Exit Survey Of Massachusetts Voters Confirms Lack Of Enthusiasm Among Progressives Hurt Coakley
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  • Additionally, these cytokines act in the central nervous system affecting the functionality of the serotoninergic and dopaminergic systems, which have been also related to the pathophysiology of AD, and with the brain reward systems involved in alcohol reinforcement. Science Blog - Science news straight from the source
  • Beyond the sudden wealth, the celebrity criminals, and a few famous writers, the forty-niners ushered California into the modern age with an environmental disaster of the first magnitude.
  • If the Packers plan to win their 10th game in 11 tries against the Niners, they'll have to control the ball with the running game.
  • We identified the person in the photograph as Mary McCloskey, a young girl who sought her fortune in the California goldfields as a forty-niner.
  • These findings suggest that expression of 5-HT2CRs solely on POMC neurons is sufficient to mediate the effects of serotoninergic compounds on food intake. Health News from Medical News Today
  • These mechanisms are in part under the control of the serotoninergic and BDNF signalling pathways, two interacting systems. BioMed Central - Latest articles
  • Positively influence activity of adrenergic, GABA -, hystaminic - and, especially, serotoninergic systems and, as a consequence, enhance adaptogenic functions of organisms; adaptive homeostasis Smart Economy
  • Based in Walnut Creek and Lotus, Calif. - right by the mother lode that drew the forty-niners out West for the Gold Rush - AO Rafting seems isolated, deep in canyon country.
  • Secreniner's first foals are yearlings of 2002.
  • Lenin er agei gathon korechilen gupton police sanghothan "Cheka" jader kaji chilo kole karkhanay communist birodhi khunje peyei take hotya kora. 1918 theke 1921 porjonto je grihojudhyo cholechilo lal fouj bonam sada foujer modhye sekhane prayojon chilo ak shaktishali lalfoujer-astro o khadyosambhare susajjito. fole Leniner netrityadhin Rush Communist paarty gothon korlo war communism. Kafila
  • Thus, cocaine modulates locomotion behavior in C. elegans primarily by impinging on its serotoninergic system. ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science
  • Actually, the forty-niners employed technology from the beginning.
  • The cause is the implosion of the Niners' salary cap, and the detonation may not yet be over, if the league, as rumored, penalizes San Francisco for past contract shenanigans by revoking future draft picks.
  • Stakes-placed winner Aggie Southpaw, a nine-year-old son of Forty Niner, has sired ten foals of racing age and six yearlings.
  • Most of these ‘forty-niners’ had never before left the places where they had grown up.
  • NinerFan says: gault: “I have a speech I will soon share with you about the irrationality of collectivism and offering my own philosophy as an alternative.” Think Progress » Far-Right Radio Host Savages Palin: It’s ‘Suicide’ For Republicans To Choose Palin As Our 2012 Nominee
  • The thatvick’s inhaler is the concorn of a serotoninergic bikini test can adhere nonrestricted regressing for “d” versus “l” methamphetamine. Wii-volution
  • Fatal toxicity of serotoninergic and other antidepressant drugs: analysis of United Kingdom mortality data Latest headlines from BMJ
  • The site, once a shipyard, is reclaimed land incorporating hulks of ships abandoned by the Forty-niners rushing inland for gold.
  • The precise neurochemical mechanisms responsible for such cognitive abnormalities have not yet been clearly characterized, although serotoninergic dysfunction is frequently associated with depression. Naturejobs - All Jobs
  • The following year saw thousands of forty-niners heading west to make their fortune.
  • Tucked in the northwest corner of Nevada, the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon look much the same as they did when the forty-niners journeyed through.
  • Heparin will biologically reread aspersions that have almost formed, but it may capitalize the poles from fizzing hotter and showering freer serotoninergic problems. Wii-volution
  • Photographers like Vance captured studio dream and camp reality, treasured as mementos of a personal journey by the forty-niners and their female relatives.
  • Born in Placerville, California, where his maternal grandparents were forty-niners, Gagliani grew up in the Italian community of San Francisco.
  • As the forty-niners crossed the Rockies, one-third of them, after reaching Fort Bridger in southwestern Wyoming, detoured from the main trail through southern Idaho and across northern Nevada.
  • On the eve of departure, many forty-niners also visited the daguerreian studio to have a ‘likeness’ or two taken for their closest and best-loved female companions, their mothers, wives and sweethearts.
  • Genetic mouse models have provided surprising insight into mechanisms linking serotoninergic compounds with the regulation of feeding behavior and body weight. Health News from Medical News Today

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