How To Use Nimrod In A Sentence

  • There is also a marked increase in guided-weapons spending in the period, including the £1.2 billion Meteor air-to-air missile for the Eurofighter, and there is the MARS fleet replenishment programme, the Future-Lynx, and the £3bn contract for 12 Nimrod MRA4 aircraft which was announced this week. Conservatives beware
  • Or does "nimrod" mean something else to you, much as facts regarding 9/11 do? I'm assailed in the local paper for failing to take the 9/11 truthers seriously.
  • BAE now is selected as the prime contractor in July 1996 to supply a complete package of 21 mission-equipped Nimrod 2000 aircraft, together with a training system and initial logistic support.
  • I sighed and scooped up the text book with a slight groan of effort - there was no way that was all Sociological theory, I bet they padded it out with stupid little pictures so that nimrods like Darcy could understand it.
  • We can't argue that fund managers as a group are nimrods.
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  • Then another sleigh load of cariboo, in all twelve Cariboo, two sleighs of hare, grouse and ptarmigan, then a man carrying a dead _carcajou_, then in the distance, the soldier-like phiz of the Nimrod himself, nimbly following on foot the cavalcade. Picturesque Quebec : a sequel to Quebec past and present
  • Truckloads of deer and bear have been slain by nimrods using rifles topped off with over or under scope mounts and will continue to be until Grandpa's prize bull starts producing milk.
  • The saddest part is that any information coming from anywhere will most likely be clamped down on and shut off from the regular folks, leaving us with that Kristin nimrod and Ausiello and his frak attacks … The Tail Section » Lost Producers React to Spoiler-Gate ‘07
  • The richest vegetation discovered on the "Nimrod" expedition consisted of sheets of a lichen or fungoid growth, covering the bottom of the freshwater lakes near Cape Royds, and visible through the clear ice throughout the many months when the water is frozen. Perspective of Antarctica in 1911
  • The second was for the refurbishment of a fleet of Nimrod maritime reconnaissance aircraft. Times, Sunday Times
  • Whacks, the famous chief; because Nimrod wanted to know what kind of beasties lived in that region; and because I wanted a face to face encounter with the Indian at home. A Woman Tenderfoot
  • Luckily, ‘Dave’ was so sloshed that I'm not even sure he noticed he was talking to a pair of nimrods, and thank God for that.
  • It was always a drag when she had to explain every last fact to the nimrods she had spoken with before.
  • ‘Let them get away with it so that they could teach you nimrods a lesson’ I said.
  • They are a misallied and disparaged branch of the house of Nimrod. Paras. 60-83
  • bottom line is, similar to your stupid leader althouse, nimrods like you prefer baseless insults to an actual review of the FACTS. unfortunately, "pogo," it is you who is not very bright. I'm assailed in the local paper for failing to take the 9/11 truthers seriously.
  • Anyone see any of these things mentioned above that would cause any number of nimrods to toss food around the table like beads at Mardi Gras?
  • This Nimrod was the first man that found mawmetry and idolatry, which endured long and yet doth. The Golden Legend, vol. 1
  • I was tempted to answer, ‘Because there's a service sector in our economy, you nimrod.’
  • One thing I do know — the worst thing that can happen to a beginning nimrod is to take a fine trophy the first time out. Collecting Versus Earning Your Game
  • During Shackleton's famed "Nimrod Expedition" to reach the South Pole, which began in 1907 and ended in 1909, a well-fortified hut was built as a base camp, using supplies brought from England. Tony Sachs: The Ultimate Scotch On The Rocks: Shackleton's Whisky, Reborn After A Century On Ice
  • All year he's been giving interviews that are, well, Kerry-esque, in their nuanced recollections of his days as a nimrod in the deep woods of Massachusetts.
  • The way I've blabbed on like a brainless nimrod the last couple times makes it kind of obvious, doesn't it?
  • Our brief experience of camping and "shikar" had proved to my wife that she was not cast in the heroic mould of a female Nimrod. A Holiday in the Happy Valley with Pen and Pencil
  • She grinned and scampered off down the hall to find more nimrods to invite.
  • In noting the Comet's passing from service, he fails to note that Britain's Royal Air Force has kept flying a fleet of Nimrod MR2 surveillance planes that are built on Comet airframes. Shrinking the World
  • The second was for the refurbishment of a fleet of Nimrod maritime reconnaissance aircraft. Times, Sunday Times
  • Shell and Jenny were getting so fed up that they were almost inclined to go down there and shove those two nimrods together.
  • One after another the _antichi spiriti dolenti_ rise up and salute the new edifice: Nimrod and the Assyrians, Anglo-Saxon ealdormen and Norman knights templars, and citizens of ancient Bristol. A History of English Romanticism in the Eighteenth Century
  • So, you know, it's not like these two nimrods who are coming out with books saying, ‘Now we would have voted guilty, but they forced us to say not guilty.’
  • Today I wasn't worried about her and I was glad the nimrod had seated Ryan and I next to each other even throughout all my voiced complaints and protests.
  • I really don’t know much about the funding of Thinkprogress other than the distict lack of advertising but if this Judd nimrod is getting paid theres 2 people need firing. Think Progress » McClellan: I Can’t Comment Because Harriet Miers Told Me Not To
  • [FN#67] Márid (lit. "contumacious" from the Heb. root Marad to rebel, whence "Nimrod" in late Semitic) is one of the tribes of the Jinn, generally but not always hostile to man. Arabian nights. English
  • We learned very quickly what nimrods we really were, and eventually also the importance of custom stocks.
  • yes, nimrod probably built the tower of "babel" quite fitting already to reach heaven. brilliant fellow, i'd imagine. I'm assailed in the local paper for failing to take the 9/11 truthers seriously.
  • A group of football team nimrods were cheering him on.
  • You nimrod, don't you remember that's your codename?
  • I am part of a team of flying instructors and we teach RAF pilots how to fly Nimrods, a maritime patrol aircraft.
  • Herbert states that Attila is represented on an old medallion with a teraph, or a head, on his breast; and the same writer adds: "We know, from the _Hamartigenea_ of Prudentius, that Nimrod, with a snaky-haired head, was the object of adoration of the heretical followers of Marcion; and the same head was the palladium set up by Antiochus Epiphanes over the gates of Antioch, though it has been called the visage of Charon. The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 04
  • We're disembodied voices from the depths of your subconscious, you nimrod.
  • One of the band mates said something along the lines of, ‘Frank, you are an absolute nimrod if you don't go smoke a cigarette with her.’
  • The Genesis legends of Cain and Nimrod, Babel and Sodom uniformly attribute impiety, pride, idolatry, luxury, crime and moral depravity to all cities and their founders, Sodom included.
  • African kingdom of Nimrod, which cannot be placed later than in the seventh chiliad. Chips From A German Workshop. Vol. III. Essays on Literature, Biography, and Antiquities
  • A friend loaned his shotgun to Vern, while someone the Press termed a "nimrod" volunteered to fly with him and crawled into the front seat. Homepage | INFORUM | Fargo, ND
  • In celebrating Abraham's smashing of Nimrod's idols, damning the fallen Babel rebuilt as Sodom, cursing the Sidonian, Byblian and Tyrean Quarters, the Temples of Judaism in New Jerusalem took on some of the features of the very homodoxy it was fighting. Archive 2007-04-01
  • I dont have to explain to any demo libero progresso nimrod anything. Landrieu to support health care reform bill
  • This nimrod says, ‘Hey, pal, I'm a happily married man.’
  • You got a letter from your nimrod of a brother.
  • California schools began to sink 20 years ago when the same nimrods who now want to chop up L.A. brought us Proposition 13, thinking money is better spent on kitchen remodeling than on public education.
  • This nimrod is advocating government, by the libs for money and special interest. 'Why should the liberals always cave?' Dem asks
  • The move makes sense, as Fox recently delved into the Rodriguez family business by funding Predators, the latest in the extraterrestrial manhunter franchise directed by Nimrod Antal and produced by Rodriguez. Fox Promises That Robert Rodriguez’s MACHETE Will Indeed Be a Feature Film –
  • When you knew him, Nimrod, he was a man o" sixty-odd, so he'd stopped all them games. THE OPEN DOOR
  • DNFP, read the comment again nimrod, jwest wrote “mogoloid” not MONGOLOID”. Think Progress » Republicans use failed terrorist attack as excuse to further delay Dawn Johnsen’s confirmation.
  • They are a misallied and disparaged branch of the House of Nimrod. The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. 05 (of 12)

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