How To Use Nicotinic acid In A Sentence

  • It was shown that the molecule structure and vibrational modes of nicotinic acid and nicotinamide can be analyzed by the combination of simulation and experimental results.
  • In some areas, rice is fortified with thiamin, iron and vitamin B6, nicotinic acid.
  • Free nicotinic acid content was close to 500 mg per pill in the immediate- and sustained-release preparations.
  • Most nicotinic acid and half the folate in foods are not absorbable.
  • Pellagra is a nutritional wasting disease attributable to a combined deficiency of tryptophan and niacin (nicotinic acid).
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  • For these reasons nicotinic acid therapy is not recommended for diabetics or persons who suffer from gout.
  • Roasting also destroys most of the trigonelline, converting it into nicotinic acid, nicotinamide, and a score of volatile aromatics.
  • Most nicotinic acid and half the folate in foods are not absorbable.
  • The active principle is in the defatted portion of the seed, which contains the alkaloid trigonelline, nicotinic acid, and coumarin.
  • The organism was moderately halotolerant, required thiamin. HCl and was stimulated by biotin and nicotinic acid.
  • Objective To prepare nicotinic acid sustained - release capsules and detect their release property.
  • Both nicotinic acid and nicotinamide can serve as the dietary source of vitamin B 3.

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