How To Use Nickel alloy In A Sentence

  • Miliscale on copper-nickel alloys must be removed by grinding or pickling; wire brushing is not effective.
  • A process for continuous zinc - nickel alloy electroplating from weak acidic high chloride containing bath was advanced.
  • Nickel alloys are normally welded with matching composition filler metals.
  • Since beryllium-nickel alloys resist corrosion by salt water, they are used in marine engine parts.
  • It is an object of the invention to provide a corrosion-resistant and weldable nickel alloy in which locally uneven corrosional detrition is avoided.
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  • Nickel and nickel alloys are susceptible to embrittlement by lead, sulfur, phosphorus, and other low-melting-point elements.
  • Nickel and nickel compounds were reviewed for listing in the ninth Report on Carcinogens, but the listing was deferred until metallic nickel and nickel alloys could undergo additional specific review.
  • In fact, the high-alloys segment of the specialty steel industry has done much to improve the hot workability and forgeability of extra high-nickel steels and nickel alloys. Purchasing - Top Stories
  • They are composed of roughly equal amounts of iron-nickel alloy and a green-brown-coloured silicate mineral called olivine and are thought to come from deep within asteroids. CBC | Top Stories News
  • These steels are also brazed using nickel alloy filler metal.
  • However, nickel alloys containing chromium, titanium and aluminum will form a thin oxide film.

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